Sathish Ninasam

Other names of Sathish Ninasam: Shivakumar, Sathish Neenasam, Ninasam Sathish

Born with the name of Shivakumar on June 20 in Yeladahalli, Karnataka, Sathish Ninasam is an Indian actor working in Kannada films. He was born into a family of farmers. He was so passionate about cinema that he used to run away to the Theater. He started his career as a theatre actor in Ninasam, a cultural organization based in Heggodu in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, where before acting, he completed a two-year diploma course in acting. He learnt how to lead a meaningful life from others big names. After that, he performed plays in Bangalore. There, he became one with the Samashti Theatre Group that performed plays.

Moving towards the acting area, he appeared in Kannada TV soaps such as Paramapada, Takadimitha. In 2008, he was offered a cameo in Madesha. Films like Manasaare, Pancharangi, LifuIshtene and Drama offered him small roles that he did with full dedication. The film Drama won him a nomination for SIIMA Award for best comedian. But the psychological film Lucia won the critics and audience alike. He plays the role of Nikki who suffers from insomnia and visits a doctor called Lucia who cures him.

In the very same year, he appeared in Dyavre, in which his performance was praised. AnjadaGandu in 2014 was his first 2014 release. It was a romantic film set in the rural areas. In his next, Kwatle Sathisa, he played a comic role of Satheesha, a patient of temporary memory loss, a role that won him praise from critics. He started his production house in 2014 called Sathis Production House. The first film under it would be Rocket directed by debutant Jagdish Kumar. 


S. P. Varadappa Kannada Actor

S. P. Varadappa

S.P.Varadappa famous as Varadappa was a well-known actor and producer in the Kannada film industry. The actor was born in 1935 in Karnataka, India. He was the brother of actor Rajkumar and Sharadamma. Unfortunately, the talented star met a sad demise at the age of 71. Career: Varadappa was a born actor as acting skills were inherent in him. He was the son of a theater artist. He began acting at a very young age. He took part in drama troupe along with his family members. Then he began to work as a child artist in films. Movies such as ‘Makaranda’ and ‘Krishnaleela’ proved that he was blessed with talents. When he grew up, he enacted in ‘Satishakti’ by ‘Late Kanagal Prabhakar Sastry’ and ‘Sarvagnamoorthy(1965)'. In ‘Dharma Vijaya (1959)’ he acted alongside his brother ‘Rajkumar’. The movie was directed by N. Jagannath. He became a producer after that. ’Bhootayyana Maga Ayyu’ was one of the successful films produced by him. It was released in 1974 and earned a lot of appreciation. Actor ‘Vishnuvardhan’ was the main lead. The film was awarded two state awards also. Varadappa produced many films along with his friend ‘Chandulal Jain’. Both of them received praise for their notable contribution to Kannada industry. In 1977, Varadappa produced ‘Hemavathi’ under the production company ‘Jain Comines’. The movie was based on the novel of ‘Late Gorur Ramaswamy’ and starred ‘Udaykumar’ as the lead hero. He was again assisted by his friend Chandulal and the film was directed by ‘Siddalingaiah.’ Varadappa is known for his support and encouragement he provided to his elder brother, Rajkumar. Rajkumar played the lead in the movie ‘Bedara Kannappa’. The movie was an output of ‘Gubbi Productions’ and both Vardappa and Rajkumar were its part. The film was honored with National Award for its unique story and an amazing performance by actors. Rajkumar evolved as a successful actor henceforth. It was evident that .aradappa played a great role in the upliftment of his brother and made him emerge as a superstar. After this, he settled in Chennai. Accomplishments: Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Vardaraju is notable film industrialist, and his contributions are worth praise. He is still believed to be an inseparable part of Kannada cinema. To regard theater actors, an award named S.P.Vardaraju awards has been formulated. Vardappa is regarded as the man who changed Kannada cinema.


Shakti Prasad

J. C. Ramaswamy was Shakti Prasad’s real name, and Shakti Prasad was his screen name. Shakti was a Kannada actor (India) who appeared in more than 100 films as an actor including landmark films such as Immadi Pulikeshi in 1967 and Antha in 1981. Not only he was seen in supporting roles but in negative roles too, which was liked by the audience and he was praised for that too. Personal Life: Shakti Prasad was born in the year 1928 in Mysore, Karnataka. Married to Lakshmi Devi and have two sons Arjun Sarja and Kishore Sarja. Kishore Sarja was a Tamil film director whereas his brother Arjun Sarja is an Indian film actor and director. Arjun Sarja's start wasn't a simple one. Shakti Prasad didn't want him to become an actor so he never let any film get in his way even though Arjun received many offers when he was only a teenager. However, the famous producer, Rajendra Singh Babu convinced Arjun to start his career in the film industry without Shakti Prasad's permission and even got a role for him. Later on, Shakti accepted acting as a career for Arjun. Shakti Prasad died on 2nd August 1986, at an age of 58 years old in Bangalore. Career: Shakti Prasad, father of actor Arjun Sarja and grandfather of film stars Chiranjeevi Sarja, Dhruva Sarja, and Aishwarya Arjun, was one of those actors who got the opportunity to be a part of more than 200 movies. Started his career long back in 1967 in Immadi Pulikeshi as a lead actor, Shakti didn’t look back after that and lost the count of his movies. Even though he was mostly in a negative role, he did more than 100 movies and created a benchmark for others. With such a career span, he got fame, name, and respect and love from all. His contribution towards Kannada film industry is remarkable. Famous Works: In 1968, Shakti Prasad appeared in Jedara Bale, which was one his famous works. Later also, he gave many hits like Sahasa Simha (1982), Bangaarada Panjara (1974), Mayura (1975) and also Babruvahana in 1977.

Shakti Prasad Kannada Actor