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Kannada Movie Actress Rachana Dashrath
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Rachna Dashrath is a talented, hard-working, beautiful Kannada Indian film Actress, who has worked predominantly in the Kannada movie industry. She was born on 29th June 1993. She was born in Bangalore. She currently resides in Bangalore. Her father was named in Dashrath, and her mother was named Parvathi. Being a Nepali, she believes that her mother tongue is Kannada. She saw a great future in her at a young age; an actress and her family helped her in every possible way to support her. Her mother describes her as very hard working and friendly.

She has completed her Master's in Business Administration and worked for a few organizations until she started her modeling career. She has worked in immensely popular movies like Abhisaarike (2018). Her previous film to hit the box office was Double Engine Click to look into! >> Read More... in the year 2018. Other movies of her include Yogi Duniya (2018), Samartha (2018), Mathu Kathe Click to look into! >> Read More... (2017). These all are Kannada movies. She hasn’t approached the vast culture of Tamil or Telugu Cinema. Kannada Film Industry welcomed her through many calls. The actress is an excellent combination of the beautiful, charming and talented actress. Apart from being a TV serial actor, she is also a talented actress working under the hood of Kannada Cinema.

She continues to work tirelessly for the Kannada film Industry. She is a talented young actor and still has got a lot in her to justify. Working as a young art director and actor, she represents the youth in her creations and always has got a lot in her to explain. She is said to be working on an upcoming project, where we will get to watch her giving a fabulous show. She is rumored to be working with some great artists. Future movies will see better of her as expected.


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