Purvi Joshi Kannada Actress
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Purvi Joshi is an Indian film actress who has worked primarily in the Kannada film industry. She was an investment banker initially, but then she entered the film industry, and now, she is delighting everyone with her work. Her birthplace is Gujarat, but Purvi has a close relationship with Bangalore. She grew up in the city, studied, worked, and ignited her new passion – again, she acted. Purvi Joshi got her latest project, Face 2 Face. From reading her first filmy book on love — Preethi Kitabu to driving a fun-filled BMW Click to look into! >> Read More... BMW and working on May 1st, Purvi feels fortunate to have taken up films after quitting her job in investment banking. In her debut film, she was the second lead character after Rashmi, who is famous for her hit film Duniya. The actress explained that the timing has been perfect when with new teams.

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Although she is Gujarati by birth, she has close contact with Bangaloreans. She grew up in the city and Studied, worked, and started her acting career here too. With three Kannada films for her, Purvi Joshi has found a new project, Face 2 Face. Purvi feels lucky to be filming after quitting her investment career. Her career started with the Kannada film Preethi khitabu, She chose this career after a family member who worked closely with the film industry asked her to give it a try, She had never considered acting. In fact, after graduating from business studies at Christ University, she secured a job at a leading investment bank. She casually met the team of her first film, and eventually, the meeting became a turning point in her life. Later working and learning the nuances of filmmaking, her interest in it got deeper and deeper.

Now, she has no regrets about changing her career. She would have missed out so much if she had not agreed to her first film, Purvi believes that nowadays it is not only the films of celebrities and emerging directors in the industry which create a wave of excitement, even films made by the newcomers are appreciated. Purvi describes in her movie, “May 1st’’ is where she had worked opposite Jay Karthik (JK) and it was a fun and exciting thriller movie. The third movie, Face 2 Face, was a fun romantic movie with different angles.

It is about the way people react to a situation in particular circumstances. Purvi loves makeup, and she wants to take it professionally. She practices yoga too. she likes Gujarati food, like dhoklas, she always craves idli and dosa and feels like a south Indian! Purvi, has appeared in the film ‘BMW’(is a movie), a college-based story events that people of that age go through, be it the first moments of love or separation. The story also highlights all the fun one can experience in college.