Chandana Raghavendra Kannada Actress
Other Skills
    - Movie-Actress

Chandana Raghavendra or more commonly known as Chandana is an Indian actress working mainly in the Sandalwood (Kannada film) industry. She was born in Bengaluru in Karnataka, India. She started her own business at the young age of 20. Acting as a career came as a surprise for her. Chandana appeared on the silver screen, in the serial Sindhoora in which she was the main lead.

She also has been associated with the movie ‘ Rewind Rewind is a Tamil serial which used to air on Sun >> Read More... Rewind ’ by the director Thej. In this movie, she plays the role of a scientist whose husband is solving a missing case. She has also worked in movies from the Tamil industry. Chandana has also been a part of movies such as Raju Kannada Medium and April Nahima Bindu.