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Malashri is an Indian actress in the Kannada film industry, known for the action and dramatic lead roles. Born and raised in Chennai. Malashri’s mother tongue is Telugu. While she was at school, she either wanted to be a pilot or a homemaker. She was also a child actor. She made her debut in the all-time Kannada Hit "Nanjundi Kalyana" in 1989 opposite Raghavendra Rajkumar Raghavendra Rajkumar is a producer and Kannada mov >> Read More... Raghavendra Rajkumar . But her personal life hit an all time low the same year when her mother died in a road accident. Rajkumar introduced her to his second son Raghavendra Rajkumar’s debut film.

Movies like Gajapathi, Garvabhanga, Belli Kalungura, Halli Rambhe Belli Bombe Prathap, Kitturina Huli and Tavarumane Udugore made her a household name. She also gained immense popularity through action flicks like SP Bhargavi, Rowdy Mattu MLA, Marana Mrudanga, Lady Commissioner, Bhavani IPS, Chamundi. All these went on to become super hits. No other actress has perhaps donned a policewoman’s gear as often as she has and no other Kannada actress has had as many action-packed scenes in movies as Malashri. She went on to become Sandalwood's reigning action queen and the highest paid Kannada actress ever. Apart from Kannada films she has also appeared in Tamil and Telugu films. Malashri ruled the Kannada film industry for many years. She won Film Fare Award for Best Actress in 1991 and NTR Award in 2011.

She is married to Ramu, who is noted film producer in Kannada film industry and they have a daughter called Ananya.

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Malashri is an Indian film actress; she works in Telugu and Tamil film industries and mainly works in Kannada film industry. Sri Durga Sri Durga or better known as Durga is a Tamil tele >> Read More... Sri Durga , her birth name, was born on 10th August 1973 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Her sister, Subhashri, was also an actress in South Indian movies. She had plans to get married to actor Sunil, but unfortunately, he died in a car accident in 1994. She is presently married to Ramu, the film producer. The couple has a daughter named Ananya.

Malashri started her journey in the movies as a child artist. She has appeared in about 34 films as a child artist out of which in 26 films she has played the role of a boy. She was a fan of and would use to dress up like him; this made the directors cast her in the role of a boy. Her films as a child artists are ‘ Imayam Imayam is an Indian novelist and writer conceived >> Read More... Imayam ’, ‘Neela Malaga’ and much more.

Malashri made her debut as a lead actress in the movie ‘Nanjundi Kalyana’ (1989) opposite Raghavendra Rajkumar. She again did her next film with Raghvendra named ‘Gajapathi Garvabhanga’. Her double role in the movie ‘Rani Maharani’ became famous. Further, she won Filmfare Best Actress Award for the film ‘Hrudaya Haadithu’ (1991). In the mid-90s, she went through a bit downfall but made a comeback through films like ‘Durgi’, ‘Kannada Kiran Bedi’ and ‘Chamundi’.

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Born in Madras, Tamil Nadu, Malashri is an Indian film actress, who has worked chiefly in Kannada films, besides Telugu and Tamil. This woman was called “Kanasina Rani,” which means “ Dream Girl Dream Girl is a drama based Indian show that runs >> Read More... Dream Girl ” in English, significantly because of the commendation that she received from the audience and the critics for the roles that she did in the films as an Indian homely girl. Her career started out as a child artist, performing in an estimate of 34 films as a child artist; she was practically forced into this industry by the directors of her mother’s films. Most of them dictated her to play the role of a boy for a child, but she didn’t mind the same because she would often dress up as a boy, being a huge fan of Amitabh Bachchan. Her first film as an adult was “Nanjundi Kalyana” when the director was seeking someone with a fresh face and writer and lyricist Chi.

Udaya Shankar introduced the former to her. Another film she did with Raghavendra again is “Gajapathi Garvabhanga” (the first one was Nanjundi Kalyana). She played the famous double role in “Rani Maharani” (earlier played by Sridevi in “Chaalbaaz”); it was such an outstanding performance deliverance that the critics were out of words of criticism in regards to her. “Hrudaya Haadithu” won even her even more praises from the audience and the critics. She won the best actress award (Filmfare) in 1991 for playing the role of a young girl imposed with a heart condition.  

Famous director, V. Ravichandran came out of the financial crisis that he was facing by casting Malashri in his movie, “Ramachari”, even though he believed in importing his heroines from different states. Malashri had an affair with Sunil, who was her co-star in numerous films and it was rumored that they were planning to get married soon enough. They got into a car accident; her car was hit by a truck, and Sunil died on-the-spot. However, Malashri was inflicted with multiple injuries. Eventually, Malashri married the film producer, Ramu and they have a daughter together called, Ananya.