Anjali Sudhakar

Other names of Anjali Sudhakar: Shantha

Anjali Sudhakar is a renowned Kannada actress who has appeared in more than 97 films. She had a career growth, which has spanned for over a decade. She made her debut in 1989 as a leading lady in a movie, 'Anantana Avantara' (1989), which was directed by Kashinath. She is a discovery of director-actor Kashinath, who changed the actress’ name to Anjali. Henceforth, she was known as Anjali on screen. Her actual name was Shantha, before she made her debut on screen.

Her first move is still popular on the net and is considered to be one of the most successful romantic-comedy movies in the history of Kannada cinema. In 1992, she got another chance to act as a heroine in 'Tharle Nan Maga', which was Upendra's directorial debut film.

Before this film, she shared screen presence with actor, Ananth Nag, and Vishnuvardhan, in two separate Kannada films. 'Tharle Nan Maga' was a super hit movie of 1992. In 1990, she acted with Ananth Nag in another Kannada movie, ‘Ganeshana Maduve’, which was a big hit and considered to be one of best comedy movies of the Kannada film industry. In the year 1997, she was seen in another musical hit movie, 'Kalavida'.

In the year 1992, there was a release of a Kannada satirical comedy film called 'Undu Hoda Kondu Hoda', which starred Ananth Nag, Tara, and Anjali in the lead roles. Another prominent film of this actress was 'Utkarsha', which was a psychological thriller movie that released in 1990. She was one of the most demanding actresses in the 1990s.

After her marriage, she got settled in Dubai with her husband, Sudhakar. The actress remained out of the camera and even disappeared for long from movies. She later made a comeback in a TV series, which was very popular. She has two daughters, Siri and Samrudh. The actress was born on 22 May, 1972, in Karnataka. Anjali has acted with every prominent hero, filmmaker and banner of her time. She has no regrets and finally settled as a family woman in Dubai.

Krishi Thapanda Kannada Actress

Krishi Thapanda

Krishi Thapanda is an Indian actress and model. She is a young actor working in the Kannada industry. She was born in Coorg, Karnataka and passed her childhood there only. As a child, Krishi never thought of becoming an actress but she was fond of all forms of art. She learned Classical Dance form. She completed her graduation and started to work in an MNC. After nine months, she appeared for a beauty pageant contest. She won Miss Karnataka title in the “South India Queen 2014”. This contest was initiated by Sankey events and Z films. Krishi earned recognition by winning this title. She was offered a Tamil film after she received the title. ‘Nae’ was her debut movie. Produced by Mafi Entertainment, Nae was a Crime Thriller. She has also worked as an Assistant Director for a film. She has auditioned for a Tamil movie also. This pretty actress was oozing with charm. She describes herself as an ambitious, self-obsessed, fun loving, crazy and hyperactive girl. She is very fond of dancing. She is a strong independent girl who has made a mark in the industry at a young age. Krishi’s next project was in the Kannada movie titled ‘Akira.’ This movie released in 2016and Krishi was pretty much excited at its launch. This was her first full-fledged movie for which she had been preparing. She enacted the character Lavanya and starred opposite ‘Anish Tejeshwar’. It was a romantic genre film produced by S2 Entertainment. Krishi did a lot of hard work to promote the film. Later, she has done three more films. She is known as the ‘Coorg beauty’ in the industry. The fresh, vibrant and dynamic Krishi is now a popular face in the south. She has completed a movie ‘Kahi’ which is all set to release. It is thriller film based on suspense. She is presently working on her next film ‘Amara Chitra Katha.’ She will star opposite ‘Rajavardhan’. The film has mythological connect and Rajvardhan the lead will be playing the character of Amarand Krishi played Chitra. Krishi’s next venture is the movie ‘Alpa Viram.’ It is an intense love story and Krishi has a prominent role. All her characters are distinct and have a touch of novelty. She has a page on the internet with the site ‘About Me” where she features as an artist and freelancing model. She was also invited as a guest by the BMS college of Law. She promoted Akira at MIT College. She was also seen at the launch of various events. Her charishma will continue to earn fame for her.


Sindhu Shamala

Sindhu was a south Indian actress who worked predominately in Kannada movies. Her famous works include metti oli and some other films and serials. Sindhu was born in the year 1972 to late Mrs. Shamala who herself was the sister of a widely noted actress Manjula. Later she married one of her co-actors Raghuveer, but their married life was not a success, so they got divorced after a few years. In 2003 again she married one of her television co-actors rishi and is presently residing with him in Nungambakkam. The actress had begun her career in the film and television industry in 1990 with the picture inaindha kaigal of Tamil language. Directed by NK Vishwanathan, it is a romantic action film which revolves around a story of a mother and her son. Following this, she did three other films also in the same year titled paattali Magan, pondatti thevai, and puriyadha pudhir all in Tamil. In the later three years again she worked for Tamil cinema working as a supporting actress in Sami potta mudichu, ooru mariyadhai and gokulam. She made her debut in the Kannada industry in 1993 with the picture shrungara kaavya. Later she did two more Kannada films in 1995 after she started working in Tamil movies only. In 1995 she began working in Tamil serial chandralekha and began working on the small screen too. Released on 6th October in Chennai the show is a family show and consisted of 1072 episodes. Further, in 1996, she appeared as maragatham in parambarai and also in namma ooru raasa. Her other noted works are pistha, suryavamsam, aahaa Enna porutham, pooveli, poonu veetukaran. Nenjinile, Suriya paarivayi, kuberan, Krishna Krishna, lovely, namma veetu kalayanam, and anbe anbe ayya. The famous actors she has worked with are arun pandiyan and Prabhu. Apart from pictures, the various television shows she has been a part of are Ahalya, anbai thedi, gokulam, veedhu, anandham, etc. She has also played a role in metti oli which is a drama broadcasted on Sun TV. Unfortunately on January 6 in 2005 she died of lung infection. The incident took place three days before her death when she fainted while a campaign was going on from door to door to collect funds. Another Version Of Bio: ‘Sindhu’ was born in 1972. She is an actress by profession and has acted in many South Indian movies. She is ‘ Manjula’’s sister, and ‘Shyamalan’'s daughter and is a brilliant performer. Sindhu is a renowned personality in the Tamil industry. Sindhu debuted in the 1990 flick, “Inaindha Kaigal” where she played the character of Geetha. The movie is about a civilian who is locked up in a military base and his mother asks an ex-army officer to help her, at the same time a fugitive is appointed to kidnap his son from the prison. Both leave for their mission and uncover his past. Gyan Varma created the music for this. The picture could not do well at the box office and failed to create any magic in the audience. Sindhu starred four movies released that year; she proved her capabilities and her talents in acting blossomed with every role she played and with every act she performed. In 1993, her seventh film, “Gokulam” released, she played the role of Mary in the movie. The story is about Gayathri and Kannan, who fall in love and is deserted by his family for marrying a girl against their wishes. Kannan’s family is poor, and so he monthly sends a money order to them, but in reality, Kannan is not married to Gayathri. Her parents are dead, and she is brought up by her guardian who wishes her to marry his son, she tells him about her love for Kannan and arranges an engagement where her uncle’s son becomes furious and kills Kannan. Gayathri feels guilty over these and takes Kannan’s familial responsibilities; she visits his home as Mary and starts working there. Later the story reveals that she used to send those money orders to his family and write on behalf of him. She helps his sister, Uma in getting married but she accuses her of having an illegitimate affair with Uma’s ex. She is forced to leave the town; the story folds with Kannan’s father waiting every morning at the station for Gayathri to return. ‘Simpy’ created the music for the flick and the audience loved the movie. Her other works are ‘ Kuberan’, ‘ Lovely’, ‘Ayya’, ‘Pisa’, ‘Anne’, etc. She also acted in TV serials and managed to impress the audience altogether. Sindhu is also an activist and went door to door to collect funds, but she got infected by a lung infection during that time and died after three days. She married ‘ Raghuveer’ but later divorced him. In 2003, she married ‘ Rishi’, a television actor.

Sindhu Shamala Kannada Actress