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Other names of Anjali Sudhakar: Shantha
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Anjali Sudhakar is a renowned Kannada actress who has appeared in more than 97 films. She had a career growth, which has spanned for over a decade. She made her debut in 1989 as a leading lady in a movie, 'Anantana Avantara' (1989), which was directed by Kashinath. She is a discovery of director-actor Kashinath, who changed the actress’ name to Anjali. Henceforth, she was known as Anjali on screen. Her actual name was Shantha, before she made her debut on screen.

Her first move is still popular on the net and is considered to be one of the most successful romantic-comedy movies in the history of Kannada cinema. In 1992, she got another chance to act as a heroine in 'Tharle Nan Maga', which was Upendra's directorial debut film.

Before this film, she shared screen presence with actor, Ananth Nag Ananth Nag is an actor. He was born on 24th Novemb >> Read More... , and Vishnuvardhan, in two separate Kannada films. 'Tharle Nan Maga' was a super hit movie of 1992. In 1990, she acted with Ananth Nag in another Kannada movie, ‘Ganeshana Maduve’, which was a big hit and considered to be one of best comedy movies of the Kannada film industry. In the year 1997, she was seen in another musical hit movie, 'Kalavida'.

In the year 1992, there was a release of a Kannada satirical comedy film called 'Undu Hoda Kondu Hoda', which starred Ananth Nag, Tara, and Anjali in the lead roles. Another prominent film of this actress was 'Utkarsha', which was a psychological thriller movie that released in 1990. She was one of the most demanding actresses in the 1990s.

After her marriage, she got settled in Dubai with her husband, Sudhakar. The actress remained out of the camera and even disappeared for long from movies. She later made a comeback in a TV series, which was very popular. She has two daughters, Siri and Samrudh. The actress was born on 22 May, 1972, in Karnataka. Anjali has acted with every prominent hero, filmmaker and banner of her time. She has no regrets and finally settled as a family woman in Dubai.


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