Actor Vinod Raj predominantly appears in Kannada films only. He is known in the Kannada film world for his dancing skills. His mother is Leelavathi, who acted with prominent actors like Dr. Rajkumar, N. T. Rama Rao, Sivaji Ganesan The Honorable Mr. Ganesan was the second son in hi >> Read More... and Chiranjeevi. She has won two national awards. Leelavathi has acted in 600 films, from which 300 are Kannada films.

It was his mother, Leelavathi, who turned producer for his son to get a place in the Kannada cinema industry. She produced films like ‘College Hero’, ‘Nanjunda’, ‘Kannadada Kanda’, ‘Shukra’, and ‘Yaaradu’ to launch her son in the maximum number of Kannada films. But it was in 1987 when he made his debut in Dwarakish Chitra banner’s ‘Dance Raja Dance”, where people recognized his acting skills.

He was not just an actor, but also a skilled dancer. People used to like him just for his foot-tapping dance numbers, in which he totally excelled. This Sandalwood dancer became world famous when his dance moves were copied in world-action-adventure video games developed by Rockstar Games.

The video that was released in the playstation portable (PSP) mode was titled as Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and released on October 24, 2005. Director Dwarakish had shot the climax scene with the help of a helicopter using five cameras, and had taken an aerial angle to showcase Mysore city that made the film very popular. After appearing in many Kannada films, actor Vinod Raj, was even called by K. Balachander, but he did not want to work in other languages.

Although Vinod Raj was born in Chennai, he and his mother had shifted to Bengaluru. They own a farmhouse with acres of land and grow crops there. The actor also had undertaken many philanthropic activities and even supported Anna Hazare’s movement on the Lokpal Bill. The actor’s family runs a charitable hospital in the name of his mother that is meant to help the downtrodden people of Mysore. He also appeared as a judge in a TV show titled, ‘ Rock n Roll Rock and Roll is a dance and a singing competition >> Read More... ’, that was aired on the Surya TV channel.

The actor holds Michael Jackson Known as the King of Pop, Michael Jackson’s full n >> Read More... as his role model and considers that his dancing numbers were also highly inspired by the King of Pop. The actor has transformed the medium of acting into an art form and promotional tool. Besides acting, he has also sung in some of his movies. His singing skill was appreciated when he had rendered his voice for some devotional albums in the Kannada language.

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Vinod Raj is an Indian Kannada film actor. He is known for his dancing skills. He is a very choosy actor when it comes to selecting roles for movies. Though he has worked for a short span in his career, he has worked with major actors like Arjun Sarja Arjun Sarja was born as Srinivasa Sarja. He is an >> Read More... , Srinivas Murthy and Ramesh Arvind.

He says Michael Jackson is his inspiration for singing and dancing. He was introduced to the Indian film industry by actor-producer Dwarakish. He did his first two movies under him and later went on doing films under Dwarakish's home banner.

His dancing skills in Dance Raja Dance are very popular on YouTube. It was also used in Grand Theft Auto: III, a video game. After this venture, he has acted under various producers. He has worked for many charitable forums and donated money to the flood relief fund. He also supported and campaigned with Anna Hazare to support the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Upendra Rao Kannada Actor

Upendra Rao

Upendra Rao is an Indian actor, who was born on 18th September 1967 as the second son of the Rao family. Not only an actor, Upendra is an established director, producer, screenwriter, playback singer and a lyricist in Kannada cinema. He was born in Koteshwara, Kundapur, Mysore State to a very poor family. His parents are Manjunatha Rao and Anusuya. He is also known as Uppi. He has an elder brother named Sudheendra Rao. He completed his higher studies at APS College of Commerce in Bangalore and obtained his B. Com degree. During his college days, he performed in college stage plays. He is married to Priyanka Trivedi and she was Miss Kolkata in 1996. They have worked together in Telugu film Raa and H2O. Upendra and Priyanka have two children. Currently, he resides in Bangalore. Upendra commenced his career in the film industry as a writer and an assistant director. He directed his first movie “Tharle Nan Maga” in 1992. The movie became a hit and it established his name as a director in Kannada film industry. In 1993, Upendra directed a horror movie named “Shhh” featured Kashinath and Kumar Govind. “Shhh” was one of the best horror movies in Kannada cinema and Upendra could demonstrate his capabilities as a director. “Om” was the next film directed by Upendra. “Om” was a gangster film, which was based on the life of the gangsters in Bangalore. The film carried the message of peace and Upendra used several real gangsters along with actor Shivrajkumar for this movie. Om was a blockbuster and Upendra became a star director in India. The film introduced actress Prema to the Kannada film industry. Later, the movie was remade in several languages in India, including Tamil and Hindi. Upendra started his acting career with movie “A”, which was directed by him. It was a romance movie, which was based on the character of a film director who falls in love with the lead actress of his film. The movie addressed the dark truths of the film industry and rumors were thick that the film was based on incidents of Upendra’s life. “A” became a box office record and it became a high commercial success in Kannada cinema. It was dubbed into Telugu and had a run over 100 days in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. His next film was “Upendra” co-starred Raveena Tandon. One of the upcoming movies of Upendra is “Uppi-2” co-starred Kristina Akheeva and it was launched on 18th of September 2013. The recording of songs for Uppi-2 was held at Gurukiran Studio in Bangalore. Over two decades of his career as an actor and a director, he has won many awards and has nominated in many leading film award ceremonies. He has received the best director award six times in Filmfare Awards South, Udaya Film Awards and Suvarna Film Awards. Also, he received the best actor award fourteen times. He has worked in 17 films as a playback singer since year 1999. In the year 2011, he was nominated for the Film fare award for best male playback singer, for “Sikka Patte”.


Chetan Chandra

It is not an easy task to be the most sort after guy in the world of heavy competition and especially in the present day film industry. One should have maximum skills to meet the demands in this field. Chetan Chandra is an example for a constant worker to become one of the most sort after heroes for the upcoming projects in the Kannada film industry. Chetan Chandra was born on April 10, 1988, in Kunigal of Karnataka district, India. His father is K. B. Rama Chandra, and he is a mining engineer in Malaysia. His mother is B. N. Anasuya. He had a sibling by the name, Nithin Chandra. Chetan Chandra is a graduate in Information Science Engineering. After his studies, he wanted to become an actor. Chetan Chandra appeared on the screen with his debut movie, ‘PUC’, directed by Ramesh, in 2008. This film is a message oriented movie for both the college students and their parents. But, this couldn't draw the attention of both the critics and audience towards Chetan Chandra. In his 2010 release, ‘Premism’, directed by Ratnaja, he managed to make a mark on the people by playing the role of Nithin. This movie centered around the theme of love, friendship, and sacrifice. But this movie was not a big hit. Later, he starred in the 2011 film, ‘Raajadhani’. This movie was solely produced and directed by Sowmya Sathyan. This cinema is also message oriented, in which the director tried to portray the effect of misbehavior in the childhood with the later part of life. In the same year, he also appeared in a minor role in ‘Jarasandha’. Chetan Chandra took some time for the next film. In 2013, he starred in the flick, Kumbha Rashi, with his modified eight-pack body. His workout stories made news in the Kannada film town. In a featured interview, he said that he got the inspiration from actor ‘Vijay’, who introduced and helped him to build his body. He also stated that he worked for eight hours a day for a span of six months to get eight packs. In his view, having a well-built body is not just attractive, but also attention-grabbing from the audience. The movie Kumbha Rashi performed well at the box office and was a commercial hit too. With this entertaining flick, he made a mark in the film industry. Roopika played alongside Chetan Chandra in the movie. In a recent film, Nam Areali Innondina, he played a role. The different aspect about Nam Areali Innondina is that the entire one-hour movie completed its shooting in just one hour and fourty five minutes. This flick created a record in the film industry. He even appeared in some blockbusters like ‘Plus’, and he is heading for the making of a Telugu movie, ‘Bhagyanagaram’.

Chetan Chandra Kannada Actor