Kannada Dancer ( 0 - 12 )

Disha Madan

Vinaya Seshan


Dancers Use Movement, Usually To The Accompaniment Of Music

Dancers Use Movement, Usually To The Accompaniment Of Music, To Express Emotions And Tell Stories. There Are A Variety Of Different Types Of Dance You Can Specialized In From Western To Indian. As A Dancer You Will Usually Be Doing Choreographed (Pre-Planned) Routines, Though There Are Some Forms Of Free-Form Dancing Where You Will Need To Improvise.

To Be A Dancer You Will Need To Have Good Rhythm And Timing. You Need To Be Enthusiastic And Work Hard. You Also Need To Be Able To Focus And Concentrate.There’s No Specific Route Into Becoming A Dancer, Though You Do Need To Train And Practice. To Get The Job You’ll Also Have To Audition.

You Must Be Physically Fit, Should Know How To Work In A Team If You Considering Kannada Dance Form You Must Be Enthusiastic And Energetic Because This Dance Form Need Patience And Creativity To Perform And Fulfill The Requirement Of Kannada Dance Form.