Siddu Moolimani has worked as an actor and lyricist in the movie ' Tora Tora Click to look into! >> Read More... Tora Tora '. ‘Tora Tora’ is a new kind of travel movie to be made in the Kannada language which has all the comedy aspect of the sci-fi movie. In the movie ‘Tora Tora’, Siddu made his contribution as both lyricist and actor.

The lyrical video is gaining a good platform for the film. Siddu has written the promotional song. Siddharth Kamath Siddharth Kamath has composed music for the first >> Read More... Siddharth Kamath has composed music for the first time and did the background score too. The movie done by debutantes has increased expectations among Kannada audience as many new theatre artists who are friends have joined up for this project.

The story of the movie would tell you about a gang of seven college students who unknowingly bump into a time machine and aim to time travel to change their past.

It may be noted that actor Siddu Moolimani had earlier acted as Nilesh Gowda aka Pandu in the movie ' Rangitaranga Click to look into! >> Read More... Rangitaranga ' which was a mystery thriller movie directed by Anup Bhandari Anup is one of the most talented people that we ca >> Read More... Anup Bhandari and produced by H. Prakash. After 'Rangitaranga', he was the right affordable actor for a low budget sci-fi film like Tora Tora.

One would agree his work in penning the lyrics that were much commendable than his acting. This film Tora Tora was neither a children film nor a full-down musical movie, but the theme song of the movie spoke those words what the characters of the movie would speak and integrate into the script.

He has done many promotional campaigns for the movie in park, mall, and street to grow awareness for the movie and uploaded them on YouTube Channel. These days, films on YouTube is strongly considered a marketing footprint when marketers start strategizing a film’s campaign.