Kamarottu Checkpost is scripted and directed by Paramesh Uthpal Gowda Swathi Konde Ahalya Suresh Sanath and Channe Gowda are in the cast Plot People who

Kamarottu Checkpost Movie Review

Kamarottu Checkpost Movie Review Kannada Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Kamarottu Checkpost"
Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 31-05-2019
Genre: Drama
3 / 5.0



Kamarottu Checkpost is scripted and directed by Paramesh. Uthpal Gowda, , Ahalya Suresh Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Sanath and Channe Gowda Bio coming soon... >> Read More... are in the cast.


People, who have a hectic schedule wants to take a break and visit their friends and relatives and relax with them. Sanath is an ad filmmaker. To forget all his tight schedule and relax from his routine, Sanath and his family visit Kamarottu, where Sanath’s friend resides. To surprise his friend, he doesn’t inform him about his visit. When Sanath and his people stay in a house in Kamarottu, they witness some paranormal activities. What happened to them? Watch the film in theaters!

Star Performance

All the stars did a good job.


Although the story is no different from the regular horror thrillers, it is different from its BGM. Many horror scenes that we had seen a lot of times in the template horror movies are used here. But, they scare us, really. That’s the biggest plus point of the film. At a certain point, the scenes become very much predictable.

What’s There?

  • Performances of the stars
  • The visuals are impressive
  • The BGM makes the audiences afraid much

What’s Not There?

  • A regular horror story
  • New horror scenes should have been added


Even though the film has an old story with template horror sequences, the way of filming is different. Kamarottu Checkpost is watchable once!