Dr. Srinath

Other names of Dr. Srinath: Narayana Swamy, Pranaya Raja, Srinath Swamy
Dr. Srinath Kannada Actor

Srinath is a well known Kannada actor and the Vice president of Kannada Channel Udaya TV. Because of his association with Udaya TV, Srinath has acted in a number of popular television serials. This has only added another cap in his distinguished career in both movies and television.

The actor was born on 28th December 1944 before Independence and is married to Geetha Srinath. Though he started his career with the movie Lagna Patrike A frenemy is one of the exciting relationships in >> Read More... Lagna Patrike he tasted fame and fortune with the Kannada hit Shubhamangala.

With the advent of Television in Karnataka, Srinath took the opportunity to carve a niche for himself on the small screen too. He hosted a popular reality show called Adarsha Dampathigalu Adarsha Dampathigalu is a Kannada TV game show whi >> Read More... Adarsha Dampathigalu . The show with a game format was very popular with the show being held in various cities and town making Srinath a name to reckon with even among the youngsters.

Srinath also displayed his versatility to the Kannada audience in the serial Bangara. His role as the village chief with two wives won the hearts of the television viewers. He continues to act in other serials and has an active presence on the small screen. Srinath was awarded with the title Kalaratna by the state government in the year 2003 for his contribution to both films and television.