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Kannada Tv Serial Adarsha Dampathigalu

Other names : Adarsha Dampatigalu
Adarsha Dampathigalu Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv
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Adarsha Dampathigalu is a Kannada TV game show which is broadcasted on Udaya TV. It is a game serial which is telecasted on Sundays. The first episode of Adarsha Dampathigalu was aired on 31 October 2016. It has a runtime of forty minutes. Srikrishna, Aathavan, Ideal, and Ponmani, are the main sponsors of the reality competition. Adarsha Dampathigalu is a show for determining who is the best couple between the participants. The people contesting are not celebrities but common people from a common background.

There are two anchors for the show, and they have to organize the competitions for the contestants to play. There are various games, and each game has points which will be helpful in the end. This is a revamped version of the serial. Adarsha Dampathigalu used to be aired before on Udaya TV. In the first episode, they show a glimpse of how the show was popular among the common masses and how the participants used to enjoy it.

The participants can be anybody, as long as they are a couple. Age doesn't play any role, and instead, it shows the love and bond which hasn't deteriorated between them. Back when the game show used to be aired, the hosts were the same. They look older in the revamped version. The first episode takes place in front of a huge live audience. There are fireworks in front of the stage as the hosts run to the stage with enthusiasm.

They surely missed their home. People in the audience are dancing along with the hosts. The male presenter tells some jokes to his co-presenter. Video clips are shown about how the producers of the show went about to select the participants. The selected couples are video recorded as they tell how they cannot wait to reach there and show it to everybody that they are the best couple in town. The couples who are going to be competing against each other are decided through a bowl filled with papers.

The paper contains the names of all the contestants and whose ever name gets picked by the hosts has to come to the stage and get ready for battle. Now there's a series of games which are played. These include drawing the face of your partner, team games, quiz, acting and much more. Later as the game progresses, two more couples are brought on to the stage to participate for the crown. There is a lot of jokes coming from the hosts and the participants, with a few little funny secrets also being revealed.



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