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Vijay Kiran is an Indian director, producer, and cinematographer, working chiefly in Sandalwood. His career started with him debuting as a director in the Kannada comedy-drama, Ramleela (2015), casting Chiranjeevi Sarja Chiranjeevi Sarja was born on October 17 1984 in B >> Read More... Chiranjeevi Sarja in the lead role. The duo bonded over the film and came back for a second collaboration. In 2019, Vijay Kiran’s directed Singha with Chiranjeevi as the hero released. Unlike Ramleela, they shot Singha in a rural backdrop.

They even roped in the legendary stunt master Ravi Varma He was born in East Godavari district, Andhra Prad >> Read More... Ravi Varma . In 2018, Vijay also debuted as a cinematographer in the Tamil action comedy-drama, Visiri, directed by Vetri Mahalingam Vetri Mahalingam is the budding writer and directo >> Read More... Vetri Mahalingam . Vijay’s second film as a director and his first as a producer will release in late 2020. It’s a Kannada film called Droha starring Srinagar Kitty Srinagar Kitty is an actor renowned for his work i >> Read More... Srinagar Kitty , Suchendra Prasad Suchendra Prasad, the name very common to the thea >> Read More... Suchendra Prasad , and Shreyas Talpade Those who follow Bollywood movies are accustomed t >> Read More... Shreyas Talpade .