Priya Hassan Kannada Actress

Priya Hassan is an Indian film actress, director, and producer. She is mainly known for her Kannada films. She is known as an intelligent actress due to her choice of work and the way she sets herself apart from her contemporaries. She made her acting debut through the movie “BLACK AND WHITE” in 2003. She directed her first film in 2007(Jambhad Hudugi). She is known for her ability to play diverse characters and her talent of working in films of multiple languages. She was the lead actress, Director, Story and Screenplay Writer and producer of the films Bindas Hudughi and Jambhad Hudugi. She is the first woman in the Kannada film industry who acted and directed in the film she produced.

Apart from this, she received critical acclaim, nominations for her roles. In 2010-2011 she filed a petition against the committee of Karnataka State Film Awards stating that the Committee lacks transparency and violates the rules too(for example Ayesha won an award but it is clearly stated in the rules that no outsiders can be awarded) and that the committee gives away awards to those who doesn’t even deserve it. She states that she deserves the award as she is the director, story-screenplay writer, and the actor of her film which was highly acclaimed by the critics. Taking Priya’s petition in consideration, Justice Mohan Shantan gowda issued a notice to the government of Karnataka and the information department to stop further proceedings until a final verdict is given in this regard.

Films directed by her are Jambhad Hudugi and Bindas Hudugi. Films in which she acted are Black and White; Jamb had Hudugi, Bindas Hudugi, Sri Vasavi Vaibhavam Click to look into! >> Read More... Sri Vasavi Vaibhavam . Sri Vasavi Vaibhavam is a Telugu spiritual movie. Priya Hassan’s upcoming films are Smuggler, Gandubeeri, and Rowdy Rani. Smuggler is going to be released in 2017 while Both Gandubeeri and Rowdy Rani are releasing in 2018. In her upcoming movies, she is the director as well as the actor. Priya was married to S.Ramu, who is a real estate businessman. She was married on 8th September 2016.One weird thing about her that she never discloses her age in front of media. This year, her birthday was celebrated on the sets of her upcoming movie. She was glad to celebrate her birthday with media personnel, but she didn’t disclose anything about her age.