Kannada Cinematographer ( 0 - 12 )


Cinematographer Stays Focused

A cinematographer is a person who is in-charge of lighting and camera when shooting a film. He works under the director. It is the vision of the director regarding a scene or a shot that is brought to life by the cinematographer, also called the director of photography (DP). A DP decides the camera and other photography equipment and software to be used for shooting, though the final approval is given by the director. It is said that to make a good film, the director and cinematographers have to be good friends and understand each other’s ideas. A thorough knowledge of digital cameras and modern technology is a must for a cinematographer’s job.

Every task that involves the lens is looked after by him. He is the one who decides the location of the cameras and the angle of taking each shot. It is important for a DP to understand the script so that he can work magic with the lightings and his lens to elicit the emotions of the actor and communicate the feelings of the character to the audience. For instance, the Kannada film ‘The Last Bus’ won the hearts of many this year because of the film's cinematographer's skills in recreating the definition of horror. Let us look at Sandalwood’s such famous Cinematographers..