Rohit Padaki is a director in the Indian film industry. He has predominantly worked as a writer and director for many known Kannada movies in the industry. He did many reality shows, event functions, and films in his career span. The director went to PES University and obtained a diploma in Electronic and Communication in the year 2007. He always had a streak of writing in himself. With his priority set, he decided to change his stream and moved towards the Entertainment industry to utilize his skill sets. His journey was full of adventures where he saw the pros and cons of the glamorous world and understood the medium at its best. He worked in one of the biggest television reality show ‘Big Boss’ session one which aired on ETV Kannada in the year 2013.

He worked as a writer in the show. With Big Boss already in his bucket, he did another television reality show named “INDIA” for the channel ETV Kannada in 2013 where he again worked as a writer. He also became the part of the season two of Big Boss as a writer in 2014. It aired on the channel STAR Suvarna. He became the creative director for the reality show “DIVIDED” in the year of 2014. The show aired on Zee Kannada. It became successful and gathered a lot of positive response from the audiences. The talented writer worked in the movie “Aatagar.” It got directed by K.M Chetanya. The hit Kannada movie got released in the year 2015. He also wrote for the movie “ AAKE” produced Dwarakish Chitra and Directed by K.M Chetanya in 2016.

His first directorial debut came with the film “Dayavitu Jamanisi” in 2016. With direction, Rohit also wrote the story of the movie. The project got produced by Krishna creations. He founded the Padaki productions in the year 2013 and headed it for a long time. Rohit wrote for many event shows which aired on the channel Zee Kannada for more than five years. He also worked for the channel Star Suvarna as a writer and worked as a creative director for Sun TV network limited in 2018. The artist did many reality shows and event function for the channel. Rohit is also the writer for the movie “ Jessie” in the year 2016. It got directed by Pawan wadeyar and had the star cast of Dhananjay, Parul Yadav, Raghu Mukherjee, Avinash, Sudha Belawadi, and Chikkana.

Shivamani Kannada Actor


Shivamani is a director and producer of Kannada movies. He has contributed exceptionally to the prestige of the entertainment milieu in India. He is born on 1st January 1970 and his star sign is Capricorn. He is a creative and hardworking individual whose role in the film industry is unparalleled. This superstar is also an actor and performs mostly in dramas and comedies where Kannada is the language. He plays in role in the movie titled “Bhoogatha Putagalalli.”This is a film directed by Ravi Srivatsa, who demonstrates his talent in making “Bhoogatha Putagalalli” a delight for the audience to admire. Sushma Veer performs the role of the producer for this blockbuster. Omkara is a 2004 Kannada film directed by Shivamani, and he proves his skills in this movie by ensuring all the scenes, and shoots are in made in an innovative style. The music of this blockbuster is composed by Gurukiran, an experienced person in the entertainment milieu. ‘’Omkara” mesmerises the viewers due to its various scenes which depicts crime and action. The sequences of the many situations in “Omkara” excite the audience. Prominent actors like Upendra and Preeti Jhangiani perform in the lead roles. Others superstars like Rahul Dev, Rangayana Raghu are actively involved in the supporting roles. in 2006 the film titled “Thirupathi” is released. This is a drama filled with action and scenes of crimes. Shivani accepts the role of director for this movie and his collaboration with peers in the entertainment industry, enables “Thirupathi” to significantly contribute to the grandeur of the cinema milieu. Rajesh Ramanath is responsible for composing the music needed for the blockbuster. Padma R.S. Gowda plays the role of the producer for “Thirupathi”. Entertainers like Suddep play the lead roles along with Pooja Kanwal. Rangayana Raghu, Sudharani, Charan Raj, Darma perform as supporting characters. Shivamani is responsible for directing the movie titled “Masti.” Gurukiran supervises the music of “Masti” due to his mastery of the cinema industry. An Actor such as Upendra demonstrates his talent in a lead role, and is aided by Jennifer Kotwal who is also participating actively as the protagonist of “Masti.” Kota and Umashri, make this film a success by playing supportive roles. In 2009, a comedy is released with Shivamani as director. This movie titled “Josh” is a masterpiece by Shivamani. Actors like Rakesh Adiga, Poorna, Achyuth Kumar and Sharan perform in”Josh” under the supervision of Shivamani. The film is released on 10 April 2009 in Karnataka, and its impact is felt in the entertainment mllieu. Shivamani is nominated as Best Director for “Josh” during the 57th Filmfare Awards South. Nitya Menen and Tulasi Shivamani are recognised for best supporting roles. Tulasi later wins the prestigious award for her contributions as an actress in the blockbuster. Shivamani has directed over 28 films in his career.


BR Keshav

BR Keshav is an actor, writer, director, and producer in the Kannada film industry in India. He started off with his career from the movie, Love In Nepal, which had released in 2000. He had directed this film along with giving the story, and lyrics, and also doing the screenplay. It is a romantic drama, produced by R A Ravikumar, which has stars like Archana, Bhavyashree Rai, Sai Kumar, Payana Shivu, Mahendra, Gayathri Prabhakar, Ravi Kumar, and others. In 2001, he came up with an action film, Narahanthaka. For this picture, he was the director, writer, and producer. The film starred Shobhraj, Kumar Govind, Thriller Manju, Kaushiki, Anushka, and Abhishekh. Putti was his film in 2002, with a genre of drama, and kids. Actors like Mayuri Balu, Abhijith, Jayabalu, M V Vasudeva Rao, Deepa, and Karibasavaiah played the roles. In 2004, Keshav directed an action and crime film, Crime Story, with Shobhraj, Monisha Sagar, and Devaraj in the lead roles. In the same year, he directed two of his other movies which were major hits. They were Friendship and Muni; both were drama films with Dharma playing the main character. In 2005, he gave the story for, and directed Live Band. The movie starred Anupama, Ranjitha, Michelle, Sarika, Nagesh, Sneha, and Mayya. The movie was about a journalist named Tejaswini who wishes to write articles on girls who work in live bands. Guna Singh gave his music for this film. Ranachandi was released in the same year. It is an action drama, with Naveen Mayur, Shobhraj, and Prema as the cast. Chaithra, a family drama, was released in 2006, along with Nan Hendthi Kole. Keshav had directed both the films and had also given the story. Chaithra starred Mohan Juneja, Baby Khushi, and Venkatesh Prasad. Nan Hendthi Kole starred Rohini, Naveen Mayur, and Shobhraj. As a director, Keshav directed Bhoogatha, a 2007 film. With the cast of Daksha, Nagendra Urs, and Vivek Beedu, the genre was a drama. He came up with another movie, Pathanga in the same year. He also produced it, wrote its story, and screenplay. Mid Night Murder was also released in the same year. It was a thriller film. In 2009, he directed Singapuradalli Shambhulinga(comedy), and Apaharana(action). The year 2009 was a great yearfor him. He directed many movies, namely Anubandha(romantic drama), Shodha(adventurous drama), Naraka(drama), and Vara Bekagilde(comedy drama). In 2011. he came up with two movies, Mangalya Mahime, and Dragon. In these two, he was cast as an actor and not a director. Both the films were of dramatic genre. Keshav has directed more than fifty movies in his lifetime. Recently, his new picture, his 50th film, Swachcha Bharatha was released. This film was picturised in Kashi, and Bangalore. It will be dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Besides this, he has three unreleased films with him, all of which are written and directed by him. They are Gad-dappana Circle, Devvada Mane, and Mask.

BR Keshav Kannada Actor