Ananya Kasaravalli Kannada Actress

Fathered by a highly esteemed recipient of national and international awards. Girish Kasaravalli Girish Kasaravalli took birth on December 3, 1950. >> Read More... Girish Kasaravalli and brought up in the shadow of television director, costume designer and a renowned actress Late Vaishali Kasaravalli, Ananya Kasaravalli shares the blessings of her parents with her brother Apoorva Kasaravalli Apoorva Kasaravaali is an Indian film director and >> Read More... Apoorva Kasaravalli who is also a rising director. Films and family have influenced her since a long time ago. Pursuing her passion at an early age, she got her initial training from her father and then went on to join LV Prasad Film & TV Academy in Chennai. Moving further, she did her masters under the influence of K Hariharan, a renowned Tamil director.

She produced a lot of documentarieslike ‘Devil in the Black Stone’ which was internationally applauded in England at Small Axe Radical Short Film Festival, and later in 2014 went on to receive praise at the Pune International Film Festival. She played a role in 2006 in ‘Desai’, in 2007 in ‘Kaada Beladingalu’ and ‘Nayi Neralu’, in 2010 in the movie ‘Parole’. She was also in charge of costume in ‘Nayi Neralu’ in 2010 and ‘Kurmavathara’ released in 2013. Later in 2014, she went on to assist the director of ‘Oggarane´, when finally she came up with self-direction with the unconventional ‘Beladi Harishchandra’, a movie-translation of the book ‘Harikatha Prasanga’(Chronicles of Hari) by Gopalakrishna Pai.

Under the production of , this movie showcases the life of Yaskhagana who possessed talent and exposes the transition of being a talented artist to a lone wolf in search of acceptance, of being an entertainer to a sufferer, of yet another smile falling prey to the expectations of life. It is a story of man playing a woman (locally called ‘streepatradhaari’), who finally decides to commit suicide because of societal issues. The plot describing gender identity and failure to get recognized even by his near and dear ones was much researched up by her in order to give the scenes its present form. Her work was talked about enthusiastically at Jio Mumbai International Film Festival and Busan International Festival and in International Film Festival 47th edition nominated her under the category Best Debut Feature of a Director.