Hindi Villain ( 0 - 12 )

Jack Gaud

Dipankar Dey

Meghna Erande

Dev Singh Gill


Saswata Chatterjee

Vijay Raaz

Pradeep Rawat


Villain Role Is An Evil Fictional Character

A Villain Role Is An Evil Fictional Character, Who Is Involved In Or Devoted To Wickedness Or Crime Or A Character In A Play, Novel, Or The Like, Who Constitutes An Important Evil Agency In The Plot. It Usually Constitute The Negativity Of The Movie Or Show.

Its Structural Purpose Is The Opposition Of The Hero Or The Main Lead Actor Of The Film. Villain Creates Suspense, Thriller And Mistery To The Film. In Contrast To The Hero, Who Is Defined By Their Feats Of Ingenuity And Bravery And Their Pursuit Of Justice And The Greater Good, A Villain Is Often Defined By Their Acts Of Cruelty, Crime, And Negativity. Female Villain Is Called Villainess. Villain Gives Meaning To The Film And Character.

Apart From This, They Also Have To Meet Their Agents, Read Movie Script And Understand The Character Fully Before Accepting Any Offer. They Must Research On The Particular Character To Actually Act It On Screen So That The Audience Can Connect Emotionally.