Ankit Tiwari was born on March 6, 1986 in Kanpur, India. He is a drastically advancing music composer and a playback singer who had given back to back hit albums and songs. He got into the Bollywood Cinema world in the year 2010 until the present. His works are quite impressive and blissful listening to them. Initially, he entered into the film industry as a music director after which he also lingered into playback singing. In the year 2013, he got an award for the music director category. Also, his album contested for a couple of awards in the Filmfare Awards.

This is a jump start for any music director and Ankit Tiwari proved out to be one. He sang the song, namely Galiyan for the movie Ek Villain and he contested again for a couple of awards. But this time he got nominated in the playback singing category. His father and mother do have a music band and it was quite popular. His mother is a classical singer who especially sings divine songs. Being brought up in a musical family, Ankit Tiwari started his music learning right from the age of three. This was how the career of Ankit Tiwari began and finally he landed at his dream of becoming a playback singer.

He has also started composing songs and had done quite a few movies. His ambition is to do more and he awaits becoming a master in all the genres. He took NusratFateh Ali Khan to be his inspiration and as a tribute sang a song to him in a Television program. His long time desire is to actually do dubbing for the actors Ranbir Kapoor as well as Shah Rukh Khan. He is a new singer who had emerged out to be a promising star and his recent releases were awesome.

Anil Mange Hindi Actor

Anil Mange

Anil Mange was born in the year 1985 and he is 5’ 5’’ in height. He is a very famous Bollywood music director cum actor. He is a Bachelors of Commerce graduate and he belongs to a royal family background. His dream is to visit all the countries in the world and he pursued a course at the institute of Whistling Woods which is related to acting. He did an important role in the movie, namely, Hasee Toh Phasee. His prominent role in a couple of movies with the theme of love, gave a strong edge and popularity for the actor from the audiences. In one film, he played the role of a lover boy and in another film, he acted as a middle aged father of the heroine. His performance in the movies was a phenomenon and he established himself as a good actor. He is such an avid lover of movies wherein, which he denied doing his family business, inspite of the fact that his father was very particular in making him take over his family business. Anil Mange is pretty interested in exploring the various aspects of film making. He wanted to study the film making ideologies and pushed himself in learning its background. In fact, he made a wild search for the best school for learning he film making. He felt to show his gratitude for his parents whom he believes to be partly responsible for his success; the other part was done by his brother who resides in Pune. Anil Mange is undoubtedly an asset to the Bollywood film industry. He has given many hit songs as a music director and made a sensational impact as an actor too. He is also much interested and working towards unleashing his potential in other aspects of film making as well.


Abhik Chatterjee

Abhik Chatterjee is an Indian composer known for his duo team. He had formed a duo team with Shadaab Hashmi. In the industry, they are known as Shadaab - Abhik. The duo became extremely popular with their latest film, Jeena Hai Toh Thok Daal. In that film, the duo had also done music compositions with Siddhant Madhav. He has allowed a Bengali playback singer, Saberi Bhattacharya, to sing “Palang Tod Hai Tere Jawani”, which conveys the core message. But, in his music, we found some remix. His title song from the movie, Jeena Hai Toh Thok Daal, which had music by Shadaab - Abhik, had a western base and was particularly a theme song of the movie. The duo also has composed music for the TV serial “Ishq Kills’’, which was a crime/thriller television show that premiered on Star Plus, in 2014, and was wrapped up in 13 episodes. In addition, the duo composer was seen giving music for Mere Saath, a show on Channel V (2013), sung by Saberi Bhattacharya and Shadaab Hashmi.  In the year 2012, the duo did compose music for a short film “Gurpal Singh and Preet Kaur”, directed by Lubna Yusuf. Abhik Chatterjee holds a mass communication degree along with an advertising course from a renowned college in Kolkata. He has composed music for various short films and done some Bengali albums too. In addition, he also takes a keen interest in editing short films, commercials and music video. For feature films, he works with Shadaab in Mumbai. Although, he is fresh in the music industry, his background score in short films are really tricky and flawless, and has kept the cuteness intact. But in feature films, Abhik Chatterjee still should look into better concepts in exploitative music. He has however been appreciated for his background score for the short film, Gurpal Singh and Preet Kaur, which was atypical and flawless.

Abhik Chatterjee Hindi Actor