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Hindi Composer ( 0 - 12 )

Shanno Khurana

Advait Sawant

Abdul Muktadir Laskar


Composer Presents Pleasing Music

A composer also known as a music composer is someone who writes music for songs. They are also known as song writers or songsters. They are the ones who write melodies and tunes for songs in films and TV shows. He/ she are good at picking up sounds and tones and can understand music well. Bollywood is all about films with songs which are called as musicals, there is a constant need for music composers.

Some composers also sing their own songs or sell it to films or TV shows instead. They can either be singers or instrumentalists or performers depending on their talents. He/ she can choose to make her original composition or create adaptations from older songs which are then used in the new films.

Music composers also create their music labels that create songs or sign up fresh talents depending on their singing talents. Composers generally compose music with the help of other people, sound technology, music directors’ producers, sound assistants etc.