The urge to entertain people with his work, Arthur Carlton Cuse chose to show skills in Hollywood. Born in the Mexico City, Cuse is an American by nationality. He never gave a break in amazing people with his marvelous screenwriting. Not only that, but he is also a showrunner & producer of films in the industry. Claiming the adventure & science fiction genre his American tv series “Lost” got a long run of 6 seasons. In the year 2010, he made his place in the time Magazine list of 100 most influential people in the world.

Personal Life

As a boy, Cuse felt his spark for the team Boston Red Sox & his love for the team reached vertigo. After a few years, Carlton moved on to Tustin, California & became a student of the Putney School in Vermont for his 10th standards. Later on, in an interview Cuse gave the credits to his school in Vermont for his urge to be a writer. In the class of 1981, he got his place in the Harvard University. In the starting year, he was selected to be a part of the rowing team & his athletic skills knew no bounds.


During his days at the Harvard, he gathered up with his friends to make out a documentary movie about rowing in the University and named it “Power Ten”. After gathering his required experience as a reader, Cuse learned the ways of screenwriting. In 1986, Cuse wrote two teleplays for the American Tv drama “ Crime Story” which was featured on NBC having a run for two seasons.


In spite of being an Executive & story writer, Steven Speilberg never lets us sit on the couch & spend a dreary day. "Monster House”, "Casper", "E.T.", " Jurassic World" kept us to our seats till the last second.In 1989, under the direction of Steven Speilberg, Cuse helped to develop the film “Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade”.the movie cast Harrison Ford as Dr. Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones, Jr. Recently in 2015, Brad Peyton-directed the disaster film " San Andreas" featuring Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino in the lead roles. Having a budget of 110 million dollars, San Andreas hit the box office with a total of 437 .8 million dollars. Carlton provided the screenplay for the movie giving it a success hit.

Tv serials

Apart of great success from “Lost”, Cuse indulged in numerous tv shows like Nash Bridges (1996-2001), Martial Laws(1998). Along with Ryan Condal, Cuse reached out to be the co-runner & executive producer for the TV series “Colony”. The broadcast premier was on air on USA Network on the 14th of January 2016. The storyline revolves centering a family who tries to cope up making next to impossible decisions to survive.


Nominations & awards were falling like hailstorms for his TV series “Lost”. From 2009, awards like People’s Choice Awards, British Academy Awards, Saturn Awards & lastly the Golden Globe had a space reserved for the categories in the award ceremony.IN 2010, under the Time Magazine’s column for 100 most influential people, he was voted to be on the list.

Kevin Smith English Actor

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith is famously known as an American actor. He is also a comic book writer, author, comedian, and podcaster. He was born in Red Bank, New Jersey. His parents were Grace and Donald E Smith, a postal worker. He is of German origin with some Irish and English ancestry. He came into light with a comedy film Clerks in the year 1994, for which he was the writer, director, co-producer and also an actor. His character name was Silent Bob. He filmed most of his early films in New Jersey, his home state. He also frequently featured cross plot elements, character references. Interestingly, as it was a low budget film, Clerks was filmed in the convenience store in which Smith himself worked. So they only shot at night after the store is closed. The movie got the highest award at Sundance film festival. The movie was a huge hit which inspired him to make another movie, Mallrats. Mallrats means “Smart Porky's”. It was not a huge hit. But it was a favorite among many fans. He wrote and directed Jersey Girl in 2004, which starred Ben Affleck and Liv Tyler. In 2005, Smith composed the screenplay for Clerks II (2006), which he wanted to begin shooting in January of 2005. In any case, then he got a call from Susannah Grant, who needed Smith to try out for her new film. So he shot Clerks II in September 2005. After submission to Cannes film festival, it got accepted and got an 8-minute overwhelming applause. He also worked in fourth “Die Hard” film and “Live free or Die hard” in 2006. He wrote two scripts “Zack and Miri Make a Porno” in comedy genre and “Red State” in the horror genre. Smith is the owner of  "Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash”. It is a comic bookstore in his hometown. Presently, he co-hosts many weekly podcasts. He is widely known for funny Q/A sessions on DVDs, like “An Evening with Kevin Smith.”