Benjamin Small English Actor

Benjamin Small is a voice actor in Hollywood. He was born on 22 nd May 1971 in Bristol, England, UK. His most famous character is Thomas the tank engine from the show Thomas and Friends’ UK version. For the same series’ UK and US versions, he has also given his voice for Toby, Ferdinand Rheneas, Flynn, the Troublesome Trucks, Stanley, Charlie, and Owen. In television series, he played Bear in Franklin from 1997-2004, T-Bone, Clifford’s best friend in Clifford the big red dog from 2002- 04, Herik in Xcalibur in 2001-02, Mr. Sparks, Mr. Wobbly man, Mr.Jumbo, Sly, and Bobo in Make Way for Noddy from 2002-09, Jim in Lunar Jim from 2006-13, George and Shun in Clifford’s Puppy Days from 2003-06, Bernie Barges in Watch my chops from 2004-06, Pterence and Sid in Harry and his bucket full of Dinosaurs in the UK version in 2005, Zorro and Diego de la vega in Zorro: Generation Z in 2008, Dodge in Pet Squad in 2011, Craw in Matt Hatter Chronicles in 2012, and Mr. McStuffins in Doc McStuffins in the UK dub in 2012. He also gave his voice to Zorro and Diego de la vega in the video game Zorro: Generation Z in 2004 and additional voices in another video game, Alias, in 2004.

Benjamin has also given his voice to characters in many movies. They are: The Hunted Pumpkin of Sleepy Hallow in 2003 as Ichabod Crane, The Christmas Dinosaur in 2004 for additional voices, BKN Classic Series Trilogy Alice in Wonderland: What’s the Matter with Hatter? In 2007, Hero of the Rails as Thomas and Toby for the UK dub in 2009, Misty Island Rescue in 2010 as Thomas, Toby, and Ferdinand in the UK dub, Day of The Diesels in 2011 as Thomas and Toby in the UK dub, and Stanley in US dub, Blue Mountain Mystery as Thomas and Toby in the UK dub and Rheneas and Owen in 2012, King of the Railway in 2013 as Thomas and Toby in the UK dub and Rheneas and Trouble Trucks, and Tale of the Brave in 2014 for Thomas in the UK dub and Trouble Trucks.

Benjamin also has credits for playing Robbie in Patrick’s Planet, a BBC, Night Shift, and Town House Production. He also played Romeo in the series Dork Hunters by CITV and BKN and in Make My Way for Nobody. He has also given voiceovers in commercials for Sainsbury’s and Dr. Peppers, among other brands.