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Paul Marinaro is a vocalist. He has been deemed to have one of the most delightful vocal instruments in the business today and an advanced work of art by Howard Reich of the Chicago Tribune. With Chicago as his headquarters, Paul has become one of the most sought after and regarded male entertainers and has had his spot among the best five male jazz artists dynamic today. 

Paul shows dominance and irresistible energy for the material he picks, permitting him to effectively order crowds with his understandings. At home, he is presently getting a charge out of sold-out commitment in Chicago's reality well-known settings, including Joe and Wayne Segal's Jazz Showcase, The Green Mill, Andy's Jazz Club, and at Winter's Jazz Club where he is as of now home. He has been a highlighted entertainer at The Chicago Jazz Festival in 2014 and again in 2017 for a group of people of 10,000 on the stage at the huge Pritzker Pavilion, where his exhibition with the jazz legend Sheila Jordan procured rave audits and was named "Best of 2017" by the Chicago Tribune.

In the wake of concentrating on music and acting in Upstate New York, Paul moved to Chicago in 2003 and has in no time established himself, becoming one of the most regarded and sought-after male singers in the city.

Jazz singer Paul Marinaro appreciates being consistent with himself and with the material he sings. From swing to burn, from the works of art to the contemporary, Paul's warm baritone voice is loaded up with subtlety, mind, and taste. While his vocal style is sprinkled with hints of his persuasions, he has effectively fashioned his own sound and character. His exhibitions all have a new, perky, and innovative ability to keep in tempo and song, and a sweeping collection.

In Chicago, Paul has been included in various scenes, yet it was a generally welcomed 2005 presentation close by Chicago most loved Judy Roberts that produced a melodic organization for the following two years. Paul and Judy immediately became one of Chicago's most acclaimed teams, showing up regularly all through the city.

Being a hesitant individual from Generation X, Paul tragically botched the opportunity to see a considerable lot of the "Incomparable Ones" who preceded him. Be that as it may, he is excited to presently get the opportunity to be working close by a portion of Chicago's best performers. Paul can be seen week after week at different scenes, most as of now with musician Jeremy Kahn, and bassist Joe Policastro at their well-known Wednesday night exhibitions at Club 3160. The Trio additionally shows up in an exceptionally effective monthly accolade series at Katerina's.


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