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Hank Azaria was born in Queens, in the city of New York Click to look into! >> Read More... , on 25th April 1964 to Sephardic Jewish parents Ruth and Albert Azaria. He attended the Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Until he completed two courses in L.A, he did not receive his Bachelor’s degree. He received a special award from the University in 1999, called Light on the Hill Award. He trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, and so is a master of film, stage and screen. He’s appeared in famous sitcoms like Friends, Herman’s Head, Mad About You and also in movies like Mystery, Sweetheart, and Alaska. He got the feel of his impersonation’s role when he served as a bartender in New York at Arcadia. He did the voice over of the characters Moe, Apu, Cletus, Professor Frink and Comic Book Guy.

He won three Emmys for his work in Simpsons itself and was nominated for many more in the course of his work. He has also worked on a production of his own, called Huff, where he plays the role of a psychiatrist with a varying number of patients. He won awards for his performance in Tuesdays with Morrie and was also nominated for an Emmy award in 2005 for his performance in Huff. He has made live appearances in films like The Birdcage, Godzilla, Mystery Men, Run Fatboy Run, Along Came Polly, The Smurfs Click to look into! >> Read More... , Night at the Museum: Battle of Smithsonian, Shattered Glass. Azaria was an ambitious student who wanted to become an actor. He was very much into Drama and Arts at college and school and hence decided to become a professional actor. He had made this decision so as not to regret later in life of not having made the effort and giving up. He moved to Los Angeles after receiving work offers from Harry Gold for television series since they had potential in them. He began giving auditions and working small in serials. He also pulled off stand up comedy in between his acting work. He then began to work for voiceovers in Simpsons. Th endeavor was his break. He is famous for The Simpsons The Simpsons is a funny, highly popular American s >> Read More... Moe voice, which is quite rough and unsuited for average people. While the success of The Simpsons was going well, he did various acting jobs as well, like the one in Friends, where he plays the role of Phoebe Buffay’s scientist boyfriend, David. He has also worked in many well-known series by doing a cameo. He also started directing movies with Cool Blue being his first. He made appearances in films too.

He not only gave his voice for The Simpsons but also made his mark in various other animated serials as well, as the voice of Eddie Brock as Venom in Spider-Man- The Animated Series. He has a talent for mimicking anybody’s voice just by hearing it once. He has received critical acclaim from his producers regarding his ability to turn even the dullest and unfunny lines to a hilarious scenes in the serial. He was in a relationship with actress Julie Warner, then with Helen Hunt Helen Hunt, an American actress, a screenwriter an >> Read More... , with whom he got married. But they suffered a separation. He started dating Katie Wright later on and has a son with her, born in 2009. He is a regular poker player and has also co-founded the charity group called ‘ Determined to succeed'.


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