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English Villain Michael Reid MacKay
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Michael Reid MacKay, born on 24th June 1953, is an actor from America. He is most famous for his role in the movie Se7en in 1995. Michael was born in New London, Connecticut in the USA. He played a memorable would-be murder victim in the smash hit thriller Se7en. His character illustrated the sin “Sloth,” a man who molests children with a long rap sheet, finally being murdered in a gruesome manner. His audition was a bit unusual, where he was instructed to lie down completely still on the floor, and gradually face towards the camera. Already having experienced a similar situation in his role of Mummy in 1987’s Monster Squad, for which he had to lurch across a room dragging one of his legs behind him, he wasn’t deterred for the audition. After a smooth audition, he was cast for the role. Contrary to what media has reported over time, MacKay was not asked to lose weight to fit in his character. His whole makeup, laden with prosthetics and molds took 14 hours to prepare.

Thanks to his iconic portrayal, even though he spent most of his character wearing makeup, he still receives praises from fans. He also played the role of Jason/Mutant 143, the boy occupies Professor Xavier’s brain. Nowadays, he frequents horror and sci-fi fan conventions, interacting with the devoted fans of his movies. His iconic role in Se7en still lands him a role in films— like that of the terrifying demon named The Man Who Can’t Breathe in horror movie Insidious: Chapter 3. This man has mastered the villainous act in movies and is surely someone to watch out for.


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