Cinema Line Focus Features Gramercy Pictures Stage 6 Films Plot Quinn is a teenage girl who is looking for a way to contact her dead mother She first wen

Insidious : Chapter 3 Movie Review

Insidious : Chapter 3 Movie Review English Movie Review
Review for the film " Insidious : Chapter 3"
Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 05-06-2015
Genre: Horror, Thriller
3.4 / 5.0

Cinema Line: Focus Features, Gramercy Pictures, Stage 6 Films

Plot: Quinn is a teenage girl, who is looking for a way to contact her dead mother. She first went to Elise, whom she knows to possess the ability that can communicate with dead people. Elise denied her request for the reason that, she already abandoned her works for this. Because of Quinn’s charms, Elise gave her free consultation, unfortunately Elise found out that, Quinn already tried to communicate to her mother accidentally contacted the wrong entity. Elise warned Quinn to not contact anyone, even her mother for the reason, that they might contact a demon. Quinn went into series of strange events like got accident and hit by a speeding car, heard strange noises, felt series of apparition of the entity. As they ask Specs and Tucker to help them, the demon is so powerful and Elise volunteered to help them. They successfully got Quinn back to the living world and finally finish their battle against evil. That evil didn’t stop and continuously haunting Elise in her own house.

In the beginning of the movie, it is quite interesting and I’m not bored though, they are only exploiting the characters one by one. It is like a simple story of a family, with a father, who needs to cope up with his daughter and son. The series of events in the beginning, though vague, it will give you goose bumps. Of course the dark and unseen faces of the demons and their series of apparitions contributed to make this movie strong from the beginning up to the middle of the movie.

The settings, the make ups, the old apartment contributed to the genre of the movie that it makes creepier. The sound effects also contributed to this movie is a chiller factor. In the climax of the story, while Elise is battling the demon, it took me out of the thriller factor. It’s like the demon in this movie is just a sick person, that could be easily defeated, that took away my fears. I am quite upset with the climax of the movie. My fears and chills were gone after Elise unleashed her courage to fight the evil. It is like the evil is not frightening anymore. It is like a fight scene in any action movie, though they are only pushing one another.

I am expecting more of like “ The Conjuring” or “The Exorcist” epic battle of good and evil. The director successfully pulled out a convincing act of frightening viewers from beginning up to near climax. The visual effects, sound effects and lightings were creepy enough, to give you heart attack. The director should’ve at least thought of a convincing climax for this. Viewers like me, were looking for never seen horror-stunts like what the monumental horror films did before. I believe that this movie deserves to receive “3 stars.”

Cast:  Lin Shaye - as Elise Rainier

Dermot Mulroney - as Sean Brenner

Stefanie Scott - as Quinn Brenner

Angus Sampson - as Tucker

Leigh Whannell - as Specs

          Tate Berney - as Alex Brenner

          Hayley Kiyoko - as Maggie

          Michael Reid MacKay – as "The Man Who can’t breath"