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Alexandra Billings was born on March 28, 1962. She is an American actress. Billings is the second openly transgender woman to play a transgender role on tv; She is the first openly transgender person to star in the show. In 2005 she appeared in Romy and Michelle: in the beginning. Alexandra was a part of a movie that Jen Richards wrote. In the second season of Goliath, Billings played judge Martha Wallace in 2018. Billings is celebrated for her role as Davina in the Amazon series, 'Transparent.’

In 2020, Billings appeared during a recurring role as Robin, a transgender supervisor at Wellman Plastics, and mentored Darlene Conner on ABC’s; The Conners. She taught Viewpoints at the Steppenwolf School Summer School in 2002. Billings is presently a theater professor at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Before performing at USC, she was a professor at California State University, Long Beach. She received her Master of Fine Arts from CSULB and delivered the commencement speech for CSULB, the school of the arts, in 2015. Alexandra Billings urges others to use their voices to make changes within the LGBTQ community. Once receiving the award, Billings thanked the audience.

Billing won the GLAAD Media Award for Outstanding Comedy Series for Clear in 2017; once accepting the award on behalf of the cast, Billings urged the audience to talk to those who disagree with their beliefs to spark conversation and build amendment instead of staying contented. Expressly, she referred to the older LGBTQ generation and asked them to guide the younger LGBTQ generation if they continue the fight for equality within the future. Presently She stays with her wife Chrisanne in Hollywood, California. She met Chrisanne at drama school at the age of fourteen. In 1995, She got married to Chrisanne at a commitment ceremony in Chicago. For Pride Parade, which was held in Chicago, Illinois Billings was chosen as the Grand Marshal on June 28, 2009;


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