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Ori Pfeffer is an Israeli model and actor. The actor took birth on July 28, 1975, in Jerusalem, Israel. Ori developed an ardent love for acting at the age of seven years when he took an acting class from a drama teacher from New York Click to look into! >> Read More... . “Being the misfit that I was, that class changed my life, gave me a place where I felt I belonged, where I could be who and what I wanted to be. To this day, I love this work. I get to stay a kid and play and explore different worlds and different ways of life and get away with it," claimed the actor after years of struggle and the making of his career in Hollywood. After completing his schooling, the actor moved to New York to study a course in acting at the Lee Strasburg Studio. During his time in New York, Ori worked in various Broadway productions, including, "De La Guardia."

Pfeffer made his official film debut as an actor with 2001 fantasy short film, titled, "Jewels of the Sahara." The movie directed by Ariel Vromen featured Ori in the role of a man named Mahmud. The actor later featured in 2005 historical period drama, "Munich." The movie is an adaptation of a novel called, "Vengeance," an account of the Operation Wrath of God, the Israeli government's secret recrimination against the Palestine Liberation Organization after the Munich massacre at the 1972 Olympics. After taking a few years to break from the industry, Ori Pfeffer made his re-entry with 2015, French-Israeli drama motion picture, "A Strange Course of Events." Ori plays the role of Saul, the young protagonist of the film. The film, particularly Pfeffer's performance received much critical notice.

Ori later starred in 2014 Israeli drama, "Princess." The film won the award for Best Israeli Feature Film at the 2014 Jerusalem Film Festival. The 2015 American series, "Dig," brought the fame and recognition owed to Ori. In the series, Pfeffer plays the pivotal part of Detective Golan Cohen. In an attempt to make his character appear as realistic as possible, Ori researched the character by meeting with real police detectives and taking advice from them. The actor later featured in 2017, American action drama, called, "The Hitman's Bodyguard." In the same year, Ori acted in another American-Bulgarian crime film, "Bullet Head." Most recently, the actor starred in AN American action movie, named, "211." The film featured stars like, Nicolas Cage “You know I can eat peaches for hours…” This is on >> Read More... , Cory Hardrict Cory Hardrict is an actor and producer from Americ >> Read More... , Michael Rainey Jr Michael Rainey Jr. is an American Film and Televis >> Read More... ., Ori Pfeffer and Weston Cage Weston cage is an actor/producer/singer by profess >> Read More... in leading roles. Thus, with his dedication and love for acting, Ori has succeeded in making a marvelous career for himself in the Hollywood Industry.


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