Dave Thompson English Actor

Dave Thompson was a comedian actor who kept the tradition of many iconic comedians alive on the TV screen such as Charlie Chaplin Charles Chaplin popularly known as Charlie Chaplin >> Read More... Charlie Chaplin , Tommy Cooper, , Harry Hill to name a few. He was an actor, a stand-up comedian and even can be regarded as a clown too. Besides playing stand-up comedy roles in sitcoms he also regularly writes jokes and sketches storylines for the novel. He is popular for his novel ‘The Sex Life of a Comedian’. He is also keen on publishing many more books in near future.

Although the actor is specialized in doing comedy roles but is equally keen to do some serious roles too in his career. He shot to fame for his role in children TV series Teletubbies. The actor played the character of Tinky-Winky in the series “Teletubbies“ aired on the BBC from late-March 1997 to mid-February 2001. Teletubbies is also aired outside of Great Britain. Also, he even played a comedian character in a British Comedy film ‘Maybe Baby’ that released in 2000. He was born on January 1, 1960, in England. So far, he has acted in two sitcoms and two feature films. As a writer, he has been a successful screen-written for both series of 'The Sketch Show' which was telecast on ITV1 channel. The series was later re-made for the Fox Network in America, and also was telecast for a German TV channel.

Plus, Dave Thompson had been a co-writer for several episodes of Boothby Graffoe’s series that was telecast for BBC Radio 4. He is a graduate in theater arts from Dartington College of Arts. He has been a successful stage artiste and even appeared on several radio programmes too. He has appeared in many commercial advertisements and even played minor roles in many TV serials and programmes that are aired on the various channel in England.