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Tenzin Woeser happens to be a Tibetan actor and model. Being 5’ 11”, he is born in Himachal Pradesh, India. He has worked in movies ‘ M Cream Click to look into! >> Read More... ’, and ‘Rangzen’ which is also known as Freedom. Apart from this, Tenzin Woeser played a lead role in a Tibetan short film ‘KHAYR’ which talks about two best friends i.e. Abul and Khayr where Khayr (Tenzin Woeser) later discovers that Abul was involved in a terrorist activity when the police call Khayr for investigation. Tenzin Woeser always wanted to be featured on camera either for photos or for films. He posted a picture of his on Instagram dressed in Tibetan attire mentioning it was a great feeling.

He always wanted to be recognized for his work and was an extrovert by nature. Tenzin Woeser was born on 1st June 1986 in a Dharamshala. He has acted in many short stories where ‘Found’ and ‘Mis-taken’ are among them. He has himself featured in the TOYOTA advertisement, the picture of which being posted on his Instagram. He appeared on a quiz show called the ‘ Happy Parents Day Happy Parents Day is a 2015 Bengali reality-based >> Read More... ’, a Zee Bangla TV Channel reality show featuring as a local anchor. Tenzin Woeser has played a role of Thupten, a Tibetan activist and sagacious philosopher possessing an enigmatic and complicated personality in the film M Cream.

M Cream released in Indian theaters on 22nd July 2016. M Cream has its worldwide distribution rights with Netflix. ‘A Straw floats on a surface of water’ is a dialogue by Tenzin Woeser from the movie M Cream who is a militant as well as a warrior. Tenzin Woeser can speak English, Tibetan, Hindi as well as Punjabi. Tenzin Woeser has worked in a story among other different stories named ‘ The Great Escape The Great Escape was the story of how Dalai Lama e >> Read More... ’ where he is a part of the Dalai Lama;s escape from Tibet story which is just a droplet of water in the ocean i.e. stories.

The mini-series ‘The Great Escape’ is a show based on real stories and events consisting of each episode showing a different story of escape. Some of the stories are of Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet, the fight and flight of Sushmita Banerjee from the Taliban in Afghanistan and Nihal Singh and Ram Chander Yadav’s disappearance from the custody of the Chinese. Tenzin appeared in a role of a police official in the ‘Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet’ which was an episode for the Epic Channel.


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