Jerry Heller English Actor

Gerald E. “ Jerry Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Jerry ” Heller is an executive and an American music manager. He was born in a Jewish family on 6 October 1940, in Cleveland, Ohio. He is best in managing gangsta rap settlers N.W.A., west coast rap super-group, and Easy-E. He completed his higher studies from The University of Southern California, US.

In 1963, Heller started his career by working as a proctor in a business. Then he opened up an agency named as Heller-Fischel in California at Beverly Hills. His start-up agency was in a great profit. In its first year, it had profit up to $1.9 million, in the second; it was up to 3.7 million dollars. His agency crossed $5.8 million and over $7 million in its fourth year. He then added a partner in his agency named Don Fischel.

In the 1980s, Heller delineated himself as a rapper, which gained popularity in the US public. Heller worked with Easy-E & Ruthless Records, which became the base for the success of Interscope Records and Priority Records. Ruthless Records sold more than 100 million records. Heller started directing acts on burgeoning Los Angeles hip-hop show. He also administered CIA and World Class Wrecking Crew. Heller along with a rapper Easy E became the co-initiators of Ruthless Records. Within three years of their management, Ruthless Records gained huge success with its six pearl releases. An actor named Paul Giamatti Paul Giamatti is an American actor. He was born in >> Read More... Paul Giamatti acted as Jerry Heller in a biopic film in the year 2015 titled as S.O Compton. The story was focused on N.W.A., Ruthless Records, Easy-E, , Dr. DRE, MC Men and others.

Gaining attention is the motive. After getting attention, he filed a libel lawsuit against the film Straight Outta Compton Click to look into! >> Read More... Straight Outta Compton . He also filed a lawsuit on the rappers Easy E and Dr. DRE. His issue was that the film was trying to lower his reputation in the society. Producers of the film also filed a lawsuit in February 2016.Later, Gill Reavill wrote a biographic book on Heller titled as “Ruthless” which was published by Simon & Schuster Entertainment in 2006.