Birthday: 31-07-1978
Age: 40
Star sign: Leo

Zac Brown is an American Country Singer. He is also the bandleader of the Zac Brown Band. He has been a part of the band since its formation in the year 2002. He was born on the 31st of July in the year 1978. He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States of America. He used to live in Dahlonega which is a small town in the northern Georgia Mountains. He comes from a middle-class family where his father worked for Coca Cola and was also involved in many health clubs, whereas his mother sold insurance. He was the 11th kid in a family of twelve kids and had to grow up in a split family.

His stepmom was an Office Manager and his stepdad was a Dentist. He graduated from the University of West Georgia. He was exposed to music at a very early age as his elder brother, who was 21 years older than him, used to play as well as some of his other brothers. At the age of seven, Zac started taking classical guitar lessons. He started doing solo gigs in school. He is married to Personal Stylist Shelly Brown and has five children with her. Georgia Brown, Joni Brown, Justice Brown, Lucy Brown, and Alexander Frost Brown are the names of his children in the chronological order.

He has won an Academy of Country Music Award for the Best Vocal Event of the Year. His first album to catch the public attention was Zac Brown with Alpine which released in 2002. His most popular album, however, is The Foundation which was launched in the year 2008. 2010’s You Get What You Give and 2014’s Greatest Hits So Far also sold out well in the market. His latest work was in the year 2015 when he came out with his record called Jekyll + Hyde.

Zac is considered as one of the brightest stars who transformed the paradigm of the country music genre with his stunning performances. He is a record label head, record producer, and a philanthropist as he endlessly works to make this world a better place. As a child, he vowed to open a camp when he grew up to help others. He creates a unique combination of country, reggae, Caribbean and bluegrass music which appeals to both jam band hippies and his country fans. His first two self-produced records sold almost 30,000 copies.

Farah Siraj English Actor

Farah Siraj

Farah Siraj is a Jordanian vocalist. Her birthplace is Amman. While growing up in Amman, she became familiar with the Middle Eastern genre of music. When she was three years old, Farah got her introduction to the world of harmony by learning classical piano and music theory. Without any hiccups, Farah’s first solo performance was at the Royal Cultural Center, Amman. People would get shocked to know that Siraj was only four years old when she achieved this feat. But it did not stop Farah from rectifying her mistakes. She improved her singing style to become one of the best musicians. Farah became a well-known artist in Jordan during her teenage years. Due to personal reasons, Farah’s family shifted to Spain. Later, she attended Trinity College of Music, London and received a diploma in the subject of Music Composition. Siraj resumed her training at Berklee College of Music. The Boston-based institution recognized Farah’s prowess as their trainers acknowledged her deep Arabic singing elegance. While staying in Boston, she recorded some songs and performed at many events in the town. Gradually, her works expanded to several nations. People welcomed Farah’s distinct voice as a refreshing change from the usual hip-hop genre. Farah Siraj visited countries like Britain, Spain, Greece, USA, UAE, and Jordan and held concerts at ease. In the year 2011, Farah announced her first album “NOMAD.” It is an interesting trivia as Jordan’s King Abdullah II decided to contribute to her debut album financially. The critics loved the fusion of Mediterranean, jazz, Middle Eastern, bossa, and pop categories. Nomad is a trilingual album with lyrics written in Arabic, English, and Spanish. She released her new project and named it as “The Arabian Jazz Project.” The notable feature of her recent album is that the Jordanian has sung traditional Arabic folk songs set in a jazz context. Listeners reacted to this combination quite positively, and her fans nicknamed her as the “Norah Jones of Arabian peninsula.” Farah has never shied away from participating in charity. She has been using music as a platform for bringing light on social issues like genocide and malnutrition. Farah held special concerts to raise funds for the victims who suffered during battle conflicts and insurgency in the Middle-East and African regions. Siraj considers herself as a messenger of peace and intends to promote non-violence with the help of arts. Farah has performed at some of the finest and admired organizations. Examples include UN headquarters, Nobel Prize Hall, JFK Center, and World Economic Forum. Even the royalty of Spain and Jordan got impressed by the young singer. The Jordanian administration has named Farah as the country’s Musical Ambassadress, in recognition of her efforts in the industry. In 2014, she launched her new venture “Dunya.” Farah has collaborated with India’s A.R. Rahman for the song Zariya. They recorded Zariya live on MTV. This song topped the charts in some of the countries.


Jason Isbell

Michael Jason Isbell was born on February 1st in the year 1979, in Alabama located in Tennessee. He was born to Angela Hill Barnett, an interior designer, and Mike Isbell, a house painter. His parents were just teenagers when they gave birth to Michael. After sometime, his parents got divorced. He spent his childhood in the rural parts of North Alabama. His love for music comes from his family because every once in a while, his family would gather and play music. He learned to play various musical instruments at the age of six. He was taught by his grandfather and uncle. Isbell played the French horn and trumpet during his high school. At the age of fifteen, he started playing in a garage and a country cover band alongside his friend Chris Tompkins who is a songwriter. At the age of sixteen, they both played at Grand Old Opry. Drive-By Truckers co-founder, David Hood was a renowned bassist. At the age of 21, he signed a deal with FAME Studios by submitting his demos. Later on, he joined the band Drive-By Truckers. At the age of 22, he was touring with the band for their album Southern rock opera. He was invited to join the band at a party when their guitarist did not show up. The songs written by him for the rock band are, Decoration Day, The Dirty South in 2004,and A Blessing and A Curse in 2006. After working with Drive-By Truckers for six years, he parted ways with them on April 5, 2007. In a letter to fans, Hood expressed that fans will still support the band and also urged them to encourage Jason Isbell for his individual effort. He married Shonna Tucker, who joined Drive-By Trucker as a bassist. But their marriage didn't last, and they got divorced. On July 10, 2007, he released his first album (solo), "Sirens of the Ditch." Isbell released an album Southeastern which was produced by Dave Cobb on June 11, 2013, which was his fourth solo album. Based on Southeastern Records he released the album "Something More Than Free" in 2015. For the promotion of the album, Jason went on a North American tour in the summer of the same year. The album Something More Than Free occupied the number 1 position on Billboard's Magazine. He received two Grammy Awards for the album. The song "The Life You Choose" from his album was one of the astounding songs. He states that, during his time with the Truckers he used to do drugs (cocaine). Isbell was nominated 11 times, out of which he won 6 times for his achievements. He is presently married to Amanda Shires who is a violinist, singer, and also a songwriter. On September 1, 2015, they had a beautiful baby girl and named her Mercy Rose. There is a tattoo on his left arm, a quote from "Boots of Spanish Leather" by Bob Dylan.

Jason Isbell English Actor