Darya Charusha was born Darya Borisovna Charusha on 25th Day of August in 1980 in Norilsk district of USSR, now known as Russia. To her friends and Family, she is known as Charusha, it being her nickname. Darya or Charusha always had an inclining towards Music and Theatre so much that she spent most of her years dedicated towards them. Darya is not just a Music Lover; she also has a panache for acting and composing too. At the young age of Eighteen, Darya studied as a composer at the Moscow Conservatory and started writing her own songs.

Pursuing her passion for theatre and acting, she took her graduation at Moscow Arts School GITS to earn a degree as a Dramatic Actress in June of 2010. After that, She worked in some movies and TV series in Russia. But she never left her passion for music to go waste, and she continued writing her own songs. Her first significant acclaim to fame came in October of 2010 when she co-wrote Music with AndreyKarasev for “Silent Souls”, a film by Motion Pictures. Her work was presented at the Venice Film Festival and was hugely appreciated there receiving very positive reviews.

She also undertook to write cinema scores while she acted in the TV serials and movies. She donned the hat of a producer in 2014 for the movie “Cold Front”. She not only produced the movie but also played one of the female lead roles in the film and even wrote the scores for it. The movie was shot in the locales of Norway in 2014 itself. She won international recognition with her 2015 movie titled “Hardcore” which was premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September 2015 itself. IlyaNayshuller directed the movie. She worked as an actress in this film and also wrote its score.

This movie put Darya on the international map and became a phenomenon of its own worldwide. As for her personal life, Dayra was married to Simoneka in 2000 and got divorced in the year of 2007. She once again took the scared vows with Ilya Nayshuller on the 31st day of July in 2010 and they still going strong together as a Husband and wife. In fact, her international fame’s credit goes to her husband director who cast her in the movie “Hardcore” which made her an international celebrity in one night.

Joseph Kahn

Joseph Kahn is a movie as well as music director from America who has South Korean origins. Kahn took birth on the 12th of October 1972 in the city of Busan, South Korea. Like many people in the Hollywood film industry, he studied at the Tisch School of Arts affiliated with the New York University. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, and Woody Allen too have studied from this prestigious institute. However, Kahn soon left the college within a year to engage in directing music videos. Kahn started SuperMega Media, which is a production company, together with British actor Chris Lee. Due to his brilliant work in the field of music direction, many singers and musicians have worked with Joseph Kahn. Some of them are Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Eminem, Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson.  Several of the music videos produced and directed by Kahn have won numerous awards. His videos like Britney Spears’ Womanizer, Eminem’s Love the Way you Lie and Chris Brown’s Forever were nominated as well as awarded best video of the year award by MTV. Winning a Grammy in 2002 for Eminem’s music video Without Me was surely one of the highest points of his career. He won the 2009 MVPA best video of the year award for his work on Katy Perry’s Waking Up in Vegas. In Janet Johnson’s music video titled Doesn’t Really Matter, Kahn steered a bit from his normal direction of music and mixed in Japanese pop culture in it. The other peculiar thing about Doesn’t Really Matter was that it was one of the highest budget music videos to be shot going up to $2.5 million. UK Music Video Awards also honored Kahn with The Icon Award in 2014. A year later, Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood, which he had worked on, won a Grammy Award. Kahn has also produced and directed video advertisements for top brands like BMW, Hewlett-Packard, Vodafone, and Bacardi. He also reportedly made a commercial for the brand Johnnie Walker, which featured martial artist Bruce Lee. Keeping up with the times, he made a video with old navy music which got over a million views in the first week of its launch itself. He has also tried his luck with movies such as Detention, Torque, and Neuromancer. According to research, his movies were loved by the public to a great extent. Starting at the age of around 21, this 43-year-old celebrity has been unstoppable since.

Joseph Kahn English Actor