Tilda Swinton English Actress
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Born in the UK to Judith Balfour and John Swinton, Katherine Matilda, popularly known as Tilda Swinton is just not an Anglo-Scottish actress but also a model and a performer. She is well-known as a fashion muse for the arthouse as well as mainstream films. Her entire family had been in different professions. Father is a Major and Lord Lieutenant in Berwickshire from the year 1989 to the year 2000. She is the only girl among the four kids. The Swinton family is a very reputed family of the city. Swinton changed three schools before completing her education.

She has even studied with Princess Diana in one of the schools. Her great grandfather was a politician. Hence, she possessed the same blood. She also studied political and social science at New Hall, Cambridge University. At the university level, she became a part of Communist Party and later joined Scottish Socialist Party. She was an active student since starting. At the college level, she used to perform on stages. In the year 1984, she joined the Royal Shakespeare Company and appeared in Measure for Measure. Before coming as an actress on television, she worked with theaters like Traverse theater. Then she tried in movies and in the year 1986 came up with her debut film Caravaggio directed by Derek Jarman. He was impressed by her tremendous efforts she had put in her acting. Hence signed many films with her. She starred in The Last Of England(1987), War Requiem in 1989 and Edward II in the year 1991. She won many awards for these including the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival for Best Actress in the year 1991. She continued playing tiny roles in films and then did a lead role in the movie Orlando.

The latter years, starting from 2000 proved to be the mainstream years for Tilda. The major one being the American picture The Deep End released in the year 2001 where she played the role of the mother of a gay son who is suspected to be a murderer. Her acting in the film was tremendous, and she was nominated for the Golden Globe Award. She did many supporting roles in the movies like Vanilla Sky in the year 2001, The Beach in the year 2000, etc. Swinton featured in films of British origin like The Statement and Young Adam in the year 2003. She performed in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, and also in its sequels. Her work earned her BAFTA Awards as well as the Oscar for best performance as an actress.

Her film Julia has premiered The Berlin International Film Festival in the year 2008. Back to back, she performed in many films like Only lovers left alive, sci-fi film Snowpiercer, A bigger splash, etc. She is also a fashion queen and in 2003, she became the focus of Victor and Rolf’s One Woman Show. She was named to be the one in the best attire. Her success story is endless and still continues. Currently, she lives in the city of Nairn with her husband Sandro Kopp and her twins.