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Sofia Boutella is a French-Algerian actress, actress, and musician. She is famously known for street dance and street dance. She was seen in advertising campaigns of Nike Women. Sofia Boutella is known for Street Dance 2 (a 2012 film) in which she portrayed Eva. She was born on 3 April 1982 in in the Bab El Oued district of Algiers. Her father, SafyBoutella, is a jazz musician and her mother an architect. Throughout her life admired and looked up to performers like Karim Barouche, Bob Fosse, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jean-Michel Basquiatand Fred Astaire.

When she was five years old, she began her classical dance education. When she was ten years old, she left Algeria to move to France with her family. There, she started her rhythmic gymnastics lessons and at the age of 18 became a part of the French national team. In 2006, her group the Vagabond Crew won the Battle of the Year. She used to do street dance and Hip-Hop. She was also a member of the group named "Chienne de Vie and Aphrodites" which Momo, a Vagabond Crew member. She graduated from the Berklee College of Music. She rehearsed dance with choreographer Blanca Li from the age of 17. She gave dancing performances in TV shows and films.

She also did concerts and commercials. In 2007, she got her breakthrough with Nike for which she was chosen as a role model of femininity and hip hop. Jamie King choreographed her for it. After this, she worked with Rihanna and Madonna in “Confessions Tour.” She auditioned and got selected for This Is It concerts of Michael Jackson Story soon >> Read More... but couldn’t participate because of the extension of “Confessions Tour” which coincided with Jackson’s. In 2011, she featured as the main character in Michael Jackson’s music video for "Hollywood Tonight."

In Street Dance 2 she played the lead character named Eva and also appeared in its sequel called Street Dance 3D. She was the main character in Kingsman: The Secret Service. She did a dance movie "Le Défi" in which she portrayed the character named Samia. Film producer Bianca Li chose her for the role after she won the break dance and Freestyle championships at St Denis in France and in Los Angeles respectively. She also made an appearance as Jaylah (an alien warrior) in the 2016 film Star Trek Beyond Click to look into! >> Read More... . In 2017, she will play the lead role in The Mummy Click to look into! >> Read More... , a Universal reboot.


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