Jean Heather, an American actress was born on 21st February 1921 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. Her birth name was “Jeanne Ellen Hetherington”. She started working in Hollywood during World War II and rose to fame in Hollywood.

She featured in nine feature films during the 1940s. Heather did her college at the Oregan State University from 1940 to 1941.She was in the football rally squad at Oregan State College. Rose Bowl game relocated from Pasadena, California to Duke University in North Carolina in 1942. And so the squad was not able to attend that game.

  In 1942, she was transferred to the University of Washington. She was named as "Canteen Dream Girl of the Northwest," by the Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marine camps of Washington State.

 Jean made her Hollywood debut in 1944 in the Billy Wilder classic “Double Indemnity” with Barbara Stanwyck and Fred Mac Murray. She appeared in 9 films between 1944 and 1949. Her most appreciated roles are of Lola Dietrichson  in her debut film  “Double Indemnity” (1944), Carol James in “Going My Way” (1944) and Elana Fleagle in “Murder He Says” (1945).

Her acting career came to an end after her car accident. On 18th December 1947, she met with a dangerous car accident in Coldwater Canyon and had fatal head injuries. She lost her control at the sharp curve, and the car slipped rashly. Heather was lying in a pool of blood on the highway, and the car was left overturned. She received her treatment at Monte Sano Hospital, according to the local newspapers she suffered severe head injuries. Doctors suspected that this might end her career in the film industry.

Her cousin was Keith Hetherington, who was also a star in City at Night, Dr. Ross Dog Food, MichelleTownsend and Amesbury.Heather died on 29th October 1995 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Jean Arthur English Actress

Jean Arthur

Jean Arthur was born on 17th October 1900 in Plattsburgh, USA. Also known as Gladys Georgianna Greene, she was an American actress well-known for her roles in films such as Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, The More the Merrier and Mr. Deeds Goes to Town. During the Hollywood’s “Golden Age”, Arthur was a big star. She was the leading lady and was  among the legends of those days such as Gary Cooper, Cary Grant, John Stewart and William Holden. Arthur was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1944 for her performance in “The More the Merrier” (1943) She appeared in nearly 100 films of the silent era of the 1920s till her final motion picture in 1953. She appeared alongside Alan Ladd and Van Heflin in the classic Western, “Shane”. She portrayed Heflin’s hardworking frontier wife who looked with a longing eye in Ladd’s direction. Shane was also supposed to be her 89th film. She avoided the social life of the A-list celebrity of her era. She was never seen in fashionable Hollywood nightclubs or at high profile parties as she preferred spending her free time privately by reading books and listening to classical movies. Not only she ignored the interviews, but she also avoided photographers and refused to become a part of any publicity. She demonstrated her obsession for the welfare of animals  by paying for veterinary care for a skin condition suffered by a group of pigs, during the filming of Arizona.   She was married to Julian Anker in 1928, only to have the marriage annulled after one day. She had also married Frank Ross from 1932-1949.She divorced Ross after 17 years of marriage and remained single for the rest of her life. She had no children.In later years, Arthur appeared in her television series and also taught drama at Vassar College. She died due to heart failure on 19th June 1991 in Carmel, California.


Jean Simmons

Jean Merilyn Simmons, born on January 31st, 1929, in London, to Charles Simmons and Winifred Simmons, was a famous actress. She was the youngest of her siblings. She loved acting and started acting at the tender age of 14. Her father was a physical education teacher and a gold medalist in gymnastics. Her first chance to act was given by director Val Guest in the movie, Give Us The Moon. Jean then appeared in several other films like ‘Caesar’, ‘Cleopatra’, Great Expectations, ‘Hamlet’, and, Black Narcissus. Jean became a star due to her roles in ‘Hamlet’, and Adam and Evelyn, while she was still a teen. She married Stewart Granger, in 1950, with whom she got casted in several films. Soon, she took up the citizenship of the US. In 1960, she divorced him and married Richard Brooks, but got divorced 20 years later, in 1980. She got settled in Santa Monica after her divorce, all by herself, until her death. Angel Face and The Actress were her favorites. Her famous films were The Robe, Young Bess, The Egyptian, Guys and Dolls, The Big Country, ‘Spartacus’, All The Way Home, and The Happy Ending. By the late 70s, she turned her attention to stage and television acting. She toured the whole of US for her performance in A Little Night’s Music, and kept performing in the same show for three long years. She portrayed Fiona Fee Cleary in The Thorn Birds, and won several awards for her role. She also appeared in North and South, Great Expectations, and The Dawning. Jean made a special appearance in The Drum-Head, as an admiral and investigator. She also appeared in Dark Shadows and Mysteries of The Bible. She voiced Sophie’s role in Howl’s Moving Castle. During her entire life, Jean spoke out about her struggle with addiction and became the patron of the human rights charity. She supported their campaign for effective drug policies and handed out her support to drug addicts. Jean passed away due to lung cancer on January 22nd, 2010, at her house.

Jean Simmons English Actress