Erika Kaar English Actress

Erika Kaar is a very versatile and popular Polish Actress. She was born on 3rd October, 1988. Erika Kaar’s full name is Erika Maarta Karkuszewskanher and her name is Labana also but people know her as Erika Kaar in the industry. She is a very amazing actress and people like and appreciates her performances very much.

She has worked in the very popular series The Passing Bells of BBC Television. This series was one of the audience’s favorite and Erika has done the role of a nurse in that series and people liked her performance very much. In the year 2014, she also did a Polish TV series named Blondynka. Polish people liked this series Blondynka very much.

She has also done the lead roles in many television Series like Az Po Suffit; this series has a unique concept and Erika Kaar did an amazing job in this series as a lead actress. Not only in Poland she has also given her best the Bollywood film industry. She has done the very popular Bollywood film Shivaay in the year 2016.

Shivaay was her first Bollywood Debut and she has done an amazing job in the movie. The director of the movie Shivaay is Ajay Devgan Ajay Devgn is an Indian film actor. He is perhaps >> Read More... Ajay Devgan . Not only in India but in West also people watched the movie Shivaay and they liked Erika Kaar’s performance very much and after this, she also got a huge Hollywood project. The entire team made the film what it is.

In the year 2014 she did the series, The Passing Bells. In this series she did the role of Joanna and people liked her doing this role as this suited her very much and she did it greatly as well. In the year 2014 she did another series named Blondynka and in this series, she did the role of Barber and did it amazingly.

The audience like her performances very much as she has a very good personality and she takes up the role she is given incredibly. In the year 2015, she did the Tv series Az Po Sufit and she played the role of Natalia Domeriska in this series and did a great job as always. Then she did the Bollywood film Shivaay in the year 2016 and played the role of Olga in it. Erika Kaar is a wonderful, expressive and versatile actress.