Caprice Bourret English Actress
Born as Caprice Valerie Bourret on 24th of October 1971, she is known for being a multi-faceted personality. She is a model and actress apart from being a businesswoman. She owns her own brand, named Caprice Lingerie. 

She was born in Hacienda Heights; California. She is a widely appreciated and confident beauty. She was given the title of Female Valentine Celebrity in 2005 by Clinton Card. She has more than 250 magazines which have featured her in the cover pages. These magazines include GQ, Vogue etc. 

News of The World believed her to be the World’s Sexiest Woman. She was announced the Woman of the Year by GQ magazine. She also has three consecutive titles to her name, which was given by International Woman of the Year by Maxims. She has got a fairly famous name in the television world as she has appeared in many reality shows. She was chosen to be one the housemates in the famous reality show Celebrity Big Brother in the year 2005. She appeared in The Surreal Life Season 5 which is a reality series. She was in the panel of judges for shows like Project Catwalk, which was a Sky 1’s presentation and another show names Britain’s Next Top Model. 

She has also made an appearance in the show, Who’s doing the Dishes? in the year 2011 among many other reality shows. Not just television, she has also left her mark in the film industry. She has been seen in movies like Hollywood Files, Jinxed in Love etc. She is a multi talented woman. She revealed two of her singles after signing with Virgin Roads. The first single was ‘Oh Yeah’ and the second was ‘Once Around The World’. She has been dating Ty Comfort, since the month of June, 2011. 

Bourret after trying to get pregnant resorted to surrogacy and had a son named Jax. It was only a month’s difference between the birth of Jax and their second child Jett which was delivered by Caprice herself.