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Bonnie Hunt English Actress

Beautiful, charming, good looking and friendly Bonnie Hunt was born on 22nd September 1961 in Chicago, Illinois (USA). She is an American host, an actress, producer and voice artist also. Her birth name is ‘Bonnie Lynn Hunt’ given by her parents father ‘Bom’, who was an electrician and died at age 50 because of heart attack and mother ‘Alic’ is a homemaker and living with Bonnie and giving love and care to her on behalf of his father also. 

She was born on the same day when two more superstars of Hollywood born named Scott Baio and Catherine Oxenberg. Gorgeous with a good sense of humor Bonnie always wants to become a professional actress and she has shown her interest in high school activities after doing many plays and love for acting. 

The lady with whom everyone loves to talk and opens up and enjoy being in the conversation, Bonnie belonged to a Catholic Family and studied in Catholic school that was St. Ferdinand Grammar School and the Notre Dame High School for Girls located in Chicago. She is a god gifted comedian. 

A supporter of Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation was initially pushed into nursing for graduation by her father, but she was not interested in nursing at all and played small roles side by side and studied at Second City I Improvisational Theatre parallel to her work as a nurse in the oncology ward of the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. 

There she got an inspiration from cancer patient to go California and grab dream of becoming a professional actress instead thinking about success and fear of failure when she was dealing with ill-cancer patients in the hospital as a nurse. In 1986, she was invited by Second City’s Touring Company to come and join them, and she moved to California. 

She gave her hundred and two percent to fulfill her childhood dream, and first she got her memorable debut film “Rain Man”(1989). She played the role of a waitress and then “Second city’s Los Angeles“ but skipped it when cast as a star in NBC series, but series failed to become popular among the audience for long. She captured by cameras with David Letterman at late night, after that, rumors blew like a fire in town that she is dating ‘David, letterman', this rumor became reality check when David produced “The building” that was a Short-Lived CBS sitcom and gave Hunt a chance to become a leading actress. 

She is a writing mate of Don Lake and after writing Second City Day, she mentioned her name on the first number for writing and playing a role in own series. Bonnie gave many hits on box office such as “Beethoven” (1992) , which was her first film as a star role, “Dave” (1993), “Only you” (1994), “ Jumanji Everybody knows about the famous fictional board g >> Read More... Jumanji ” (1995), “Jerry Maguire” (1996), “The Green Mile” (1999), “Return to me” (2000), which was a romantic comedy directed by Bonnie and she have written script for it also, and there was no red signal where this journey ends.

Bonnie at 5’8 also made her voice popular after giving voice over in “A Bug’s life” (1998), “Cars”, for Sexy Porche Sally in 2006, “ Cars 2 Click to look into! >> Read More... Cars 2 ” (2011), “ Toy Story 3 Click to look into! >> Read More... Toy Story 3 ” for Dolly in 2010. Bonnie made her appearance as a host in “The Bonnie Hunt Show” from 2008-2010, which was a tribute to ‘Dean Martin’ and “American Playhouse” (1984). She is an animal lover and do not believe in wearing any clothes and shoes made after hunting and killing animals.

She relaxes by doing gardening in her free time and play with her 15 nieces and nephews. She has two pups named Lacey and Buddy. Beautiful Bonnie changed the life of John Murphy, an investment banker after coming into his life and tied the knot of love with him but unfortunately divorced because he cheated her, and then they separated from each other and now Murphy do not get the kick by Bonnie’s work. She awarded by ‘Gracie’ awards for her outstanding Talk show and in the list of the nominee in ‘Emmy Awards’ for life with Bonnie 2004 and also as a marvelous and talented talk show host at Daytime. She always does observe people and tries to find out a story that every person has and what kind of a personality that he or she is.