Birthday: 31-05-1972
Age: 47
Star sign: Gemini

Archana aka Archie Panjabi is an actress. She was born on 31st of May in 1972. She was born in London. Her parents were Padma Panjabi and Govind. Both were Sindhi Hindu. She completed her graduation from the Brunel University. She had a degree in management in 1996. She is trained specifically in ballet. Coming to her career, she had appeared in TV and films.

Her first appearance was 1999’s East is East. It was a comedy movie. Her first act was a diplomat of British in The Constant Gardener. It released in 2005. It was an Oscar winning picture. Her next higher photoplays were 2002’s Bend It like Beckham. It was a comedy drama.

In 2006, she portrayed the role of an intelligent colleague named Gemma in A Good Year. Ridley Scott directed it. She co-starred with Marion Cotillard and Russell Crowe. In 2007, she performed with Angelina Jolie in an adapted version of A Mighty Heart. On television, she voiced for various characters in the child-animated production titled as Postman Pat.

She gave her voice for Dead Space: Extraction. It was a video game. On February 2008, she came on the World Cinema Award Show on the channel, BBC 4. She gave hits like Pan’s Labyrinth and The Lives of Others Along with Christopher Eccleston and Jonathan Ross. She looked up as an MI5 agent in 2009’s Espion. She featured as Kalinda Sharma in The Good Wife. It was a new TV series. In 2010, she did the ingénue of Saamiya Nasir in The Infidel. It is a comedy one. In 2012, she appeared as Tanya Reed Smith in The Fall. She is a pathologist. She presented herself as Blaise in the series entitled as Westway. She became the first ambassador of Pratham USA and represented the biggest educational movement.

She had a partnership with the Amnesty International in the support of women’s rights and values. She worked against violence. In 2011, she walked in the Red Dress Collection Fashion Show in order to show the awareness among the people regarding heart attacks. She participated in Cambridge, Massachusetts at the Artist in Residence Program.

In 2007, at the Cannes Film Festival she received the Chopard Trophy. She had three nominations for the title of Best Supporting Actress for The Good Wife at the Primetime Emmy Awards. She won the award for Outstanding Supporting Actress at the NAACP Image Award. In 1998, she got married to Rajesh Nihalani. He isa tailor. Then, she moved from England to New York while she had shot for The Good Wife.

Aqueela Zoll English Actress

Aqueela Zoll

Aqueela Zoll is an American actor. She became popular through films like Killjoy Goes to Hell, and Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. Coming to her career, she started her debut by a TV show titled as The College Humor Show. It was telecasted on MuchMusic and is an American sitcom, which had its premiere on 8th of February, 2009, on MTV. Ricky Van Veen, Sam Reich, and Scott Tomlinson created it. She had her appearance on the episodes of Hot Girl, and portrayed the role of Kate. It had its six episodes and depicted sketched comedy elements. Amir Blumenfeld, Patrick Cassels, Dan Gurewitch, Jake Hurwitz, Sarah Schneider, Sam Reich, Ricky Van Veen, Jeff Rubin, and Streeter Seidell starred in it. In 2011, she presented herself as Beth in the picture entitled as Tomorrow's End. Hunter G. Williams, Scott Michael Campbell, and Ryan O' Corrigan directed it. The story was scripted by Scott Michael Campbell, Hunter G. Williams, Jeff Stearns, and Ryan O' Corrigan. Other producers were Justin Chien, Heather Christensen, Chris Hayes, Casey McCoy, Jeff Stearns, Garrett Williams, and Hunter G. Williams. In 2012, she did the ingénue of Jezabeth in Killjoy Goes to Hell. John Lechago wrote and directed it. It is the fourth part in this series of photoplays made by Full Moon. Charles Bond produced it and released in the United States on sixth of October, in 2012. Aqueela had a role of the devil in this film. Her next work was in a short film, in 2012, and it was titled as the Call to Action. The story depicted how a rigid group of singers and musicians had created an organization named Headcount. It had a goal to spread live music worldwide to excite young voters. Trey Anastasio, Bob Weir, Dave Matthew, and Bela Fleck were featured in it, along with other musicians. She played the character of Dinopus in it. In 2013, she did ‘Ctadc’, as Aqueela. Hunter G. Williams directed it. The story was written by Jeff Stearns, Chris Hayes, and Hunter G. Williams. Jason Solowsky composed the music. In 2014, she had the role of Toni in a direct-to-video called Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. It is the sixth part of the Wrong Turn Film Series and directed by Valeri Milev. In 2015, she had her appearance as Cameron in Flight World War II. The Asylum released it on 2nd of June, in 2015. In 2014, she did various TV series like the one in 2014 called Chosen and Bad Timing.


Ashley Thompson

Ashley Thompson is an American actor. She was born on 17 January, 1985. She was an alumnus at Leafmore High. She had expert knowledge of Taekwondo and is a part of the cosmetic center of the school. She attended the University of Virginia and completed her graduation in 1997. Her parents were Marsha and Bill. She has a younger brother and sister named Will and Leigh, and an elder sister, Allison. She has always enjoyed competition, and she always participated in the Youth for Christ. Coming to her career, she has appeared in a play titled ‘Obscure’. It was a horror video game published in North America by the DreamCatcher Interactive. Tony Marques is the writer. It released in Europe on 1st October, 2004, and in North America on 6th April, 2005. Josh Carter, Stanley Jones, Kenny Matthew, Shannon Matthew, and Ashley star in it. Ashley's role is a cheerleader. She used to handle the weapons and was the girlfriend of Kenny. Then, it had its sequel entitled as Obscure II. It was made by the Playlogic publications under the Hydravision Entertainment. Its release dates were 7th of September, 2007, in Europe, 12th of June in Australia, and 25th of March, 2008, in North America. Then, there was another remake, which was produced, but later canceled. It was Obscure D. Obscure D was organized to release before Obscure II. Ashley, her sister, and Josh were about to act in it. The game was purchased by the Focus interactive. Later, in 2013, it was rescheduled and re-established. However, neither Thompson nor her sister played in it. In the first series, Ashley had worried because she could not find Kenny at her location. Therefore, she stayed at the school in order to search for him. Then, Ashley and her classmates were attacked by the devils. Later, they were saved by their teacher, M. Walden. He entered through the window and rescued them. Then, he told the students to search for the principal and move out with his help. Thompson is the wife of Peyton Manning. He is a football player. They first met through her parents’ nearby neighbor. Then, they started dating each other. In those days, Peyton was about to move to the University of Tennessee. On 17th of March, 2001, they married each other in Memphis. They had twins in the year 2011. Mosley and Marshall are their names. Thompson worked for a charity. Peyton, in an interview, stated that Ashley is the only person who always motivated him.

Ashley Thompson English Actress