Amy Beth Schumer was born on the Upper East Side of New York Click to look into! >> Read More... in 1981. She has two siblings, her sister and comedy writer Kimberly and her brother and musician, Jason. Opposite of most TV stars, Schumer grew up quite wealthy due to her father’s successful furniture company. In 1999, Schumer graduated high school with the accolades of “Teacher’s Worst Nightmare” and “Class Clown”. She attended college at Townson University and then continued studying at William Esper Studio. Schumer started to become noticed when she advanced fairly far in the fifth season of Last Comic Standing on NBC. This began her career as a Stand-Up comedian in which she appeared on various late night shows to preform her routines. She also had roles in the NBC show 30 Rock, Adult Swim’s Delocated and HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. Schumer had two specials for Comedy Central in 2011 and 2012. She currently starring in a sketch show of her own creation called Inside Amy Schumer and will also be starring in her own written film in July 2015 with Bill Hader called Trainwreck. Schumer is not married but has dated several high profile people such as Dolph Ziggler and Anthony Jeselnik.

Winona Ryder English Actress

Winona Ryder

Born as Winona Laura Horowitz on October 29, 1971 in Olmsted County, Minnesota, U.S. She is known as one of the most desirable and sexiest women alive. She comprises herself with a great depiction of a classic desirable woman in her movies. She first appeared in the movie “Lucas” as Rina a story of a 14 year old that experienced her first heartbreak and along with her friends as the fall for each other. She also starred in the movie “Heathers” a story of a socially out casted girl that will learn how to gain fame after meeting an eccentric man. She also starred in the movie “Great Balls of Fire!”, as Kim for  the critically acclaimed movie of Johnny Depp “Edward Scissorhands” a story of a man that falls in love with a girl and will be pursued by police due to his unconventional appearance. She also starred in the movie “Mermaids”, as Wilhelmina for the 1992 movie “Dracula”, as May for the movie “The Age of Innocence” a story of a man that falls in love with a woman that he is also engaged to the cousin.She also starred in the movie “The House of the Spirits”, as Lelaina for the movie “Reality Bites”, as Jo for the movie “Little Women”, starred in the movie “How to Make an American Quilt” a story of a bride that listens to the story of romance and sadness while there are creating a quilt. She also starred in the movie “Alien: Ressurection” as Annalee, a story of an alien human hybrid that will fight again with aliens. She also starred for the movie “Girl Interrupted”, as Charlotte for the movie “Autumn in New York”, as Babe and Pam for the movie “Mr. Deeds”, as Nicola Anders for the movie “S1m0ne” a story of a down director that will restore his fame using a simulation one computer system as her all in one actress. She also gained more fame in the movie “Stay Cool” as Scarlet Smith”, as Beth MacIntyre for the movie “Black Swan”, as Geneva Backman for the movie “The Dilemma”, as Martine for the movie “The Letter”, as Deborah for the movie “The Iceman”, as Sheryl Mott for “Homefront”, and played the character Sasha in the movie “Experimenter” in 2015.


Amy Adams

Amy Lou Adams was born on August 20, 1974 in Vincenza, Italy.  She is known for her acting as well as singing.  Amy was born in Italy due to her father being a U.S Army trooper stationed in Caserma Ederle.  Adams was moved back to the states when she was 8 years old and lived in Colorado.  During her high school years Amy sang in the school choir and also trained at a local dance studio.  Amy Adams never did go to college.  Instead, at the age of 18 she pursued acting in Community Theater instead.  Amy Adams was first noticed for her dancing ability when a dinner theater director spotted her dancing at a local Colorado theater.  Amy was soon cast in her first role in the film Drop Dead Gorgeous.  She also starred in a short-lived TV series on FOX around this time.  During the early 2000’s Adams appeared only in minor roles in lesser known movies such as Psycho Beach Party.  She made many guest appearances on several TV shows as well.  Amy Adams’s first accolades came when she starred in Junebug and The Wedding Date.  These two films garnered her praise among many prestigious film communities.  After this it seemed as if there was no stopping Amy as she went on to star in big successes such as Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, Enchanted and Underdog.  Amy has also preformed some of her songs on stage at the Oscars.  Amy also starred alongside Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum 2: Battle for the Smithsonian.  Amy can also play more gritty roles such as her part in The Fighter.  Recently, Amy has received enormous praise for her part in Big Eyes.  This is the story of a women with an original artistic concept that is plagiarized and stolen by her husband.

Amy Adams English Actress