Stacy Keach was born on June 2, 1941, in Savannah, Georgia at the United States. His parents are Stacy Keach Sr, and Mary Cain. His brother is James Keach. His father is an Actor, Drama Teacher and a theatre Director, his mother is an Actress. By June 1959, He completed his school Education from Van Nuys High school. He was the Class President during his school days. At 1963 he attained the Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Dramatic Arts and English from University of California at Berkeley. Later He obtained his Master degree in Fine Arts from Yale School of Drama. He also became the Fulbright Scholar from London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

He met Actor Laurence Olivier while he was persuading in London. In 1966 at Village Gate his first role in Mac Bird! an Off-Broadway directed by Barbara Garson was published. Later he acted in George Tabori's The Niggerlovers in 1967 with Morgan Freeman. During that shooting, Freeman helped Keach and guided him more about acting. His next play by Joseph Heller is We Bombed in New Heaven which featured in several theatres like Yale Repertory and later at On Broadway. By 1969, through Indians, as Buffalo Bull Stacy made his first appearance on Broadway with the help of Arthur Kopit.

He is also known as Stacy Jr to make him identified clearly from his father. He also portrayed the major role for the play The Nude Paper Sermon which is a media Presentation composed by Eric Salzman and Commissioned by Nonesuch. He received awards from several associations which include Drama Desk, Vernon Rice, Obie Awards. He played the title role for the touring company composed by CY Coleman for Musical Barnum. For his plays Richard III and Macbeth he received the Award from Helen Heyes for Outstanding Performance for the year 1991 and 1996. He worked with Shakespeare Theater Company for the movie Macbeth.

During 1998 he joined with George Wendt in London Production of arts for one of the three Principals. He played the major role in the cinema named King Lear by Shakespeare at Goodman Theater in Chicago for the year 2006. Later he joined with New York Philharmonic for the show Lerner and Lowe’s Camelot as Merlin in the year 2008. The play King Lear of Shakespeare was remounted during the summer at Sidney Harman Hall in Washington for the year 2009.

This remounted show helped him to get one more award from Helen Hayes for his outstanding performance. He also appeared in the Television Films Ring of Death, Planes and a supporting role in The Bourne Legacy and a part in Neil Dellacroce. He made a voice debut for Television episode The Simpsons Hungry Hungry Hoer, Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play, Old Yeller-Belly and in Waiting for Duff man. He married four times

Patrice Cols English Actor

Patrice Cols

Patrice Cols was born on 1st January 1970 in Bordeaux, France and is 48 years of age. His zodiac sign is Aquarius. He is a very strong guy with extraordinary physique. He loves motorcycles. He is a fun loving guy and is very genuine towards his close friend and those people who guided him towards the right path. He has struggled a lot and has seen very harsh situations. He was brought up in an orphanage and sometimes by his ailing grandparents. He dreamt of becoming a baker but when he was 14 years old, he met someone who guided him in the positive direction. Patrice got financial support to do gym, eat good food, and supplements by his friend who was suffering from muscular myopathy and he advised Patrice to exercise to improve his life because exercise is the only reason that his friend is still alive. After three years of doing gym, he won the title of Mr. France at the age of 18 and secured 2nd place in the world championship at the age of 19. When Patrice brought his friend to the world championship, his friend told him that he had achieved his dream. At the age of 25, He won the World Championship but unfortunately, his friend had passed a month ago. He was heartbroken and was confused that what should he do next. He lost a guide, a true friend, and a guardian. Patrice buried his career in bodybuilding with the death of his friend which led him to the wrong path. He started working as a bouncer at Seedy Nightclub where he fought and dealt with dangerous people. Patrice got shot twice and after this event, he realised that he should change his life. Patrice started working as a model in magazines. He visited schools in Los Angeles, and later he began his acting career in Paris.  Patrice Cols has worked in movies like Rage directed by Paco Cabezas and starring Nicholas Cage and Rachel Nicholas, The Love Punch, directed by Joel Hopkins with lead actors Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson, Viva La France directed by Michael Youn with lead actors Michael Youn, Fonzy directed by Isabelle Doval with lead roles played by Joss Garcia and USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage directed by Mario Van Peebles and lead actor Nicholas Cage. Patrice never thought of acting as a career. He just wanted to be a baker but due to the right guidance of his dear friend and his realization while going towards the wrong path made him a star, a great actor, and a successful life.


Max Ryan

Max Ryan was born on 2nd January, 1967 in England. He is a very popular actor and motocross racer. He started his career in the year 1998 and he is still contributing to the industry. He was a very amazing motocross racer, but now he has left it as he is more interested in acting. He has played many amazing roles in many movies and after doing so much supporting roles he got appointed for an action role in the movie Kiss of the Dragon. In the movie Kiss of the Dragon, he did a splendid job. He also played the role of the villain in the movie The Foreigner. In the movie The Foreigner, he worked with the popular actor Steven Seagal. He also appeared in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen of Sean Connery. He also did the role of the villain in the movie Death Race of Jason Statham and he also did a supporting role in the movie Sex and the City 2. He is an outstanding actor and he did all the roles brilliantly. In the year 2001, he did the movie Kiss of the Dragon and played the role of Lupo. In the year 2003, he did the movie The Foreigner and Craven Marsh and played the role Dunoir and Craven Marsh. In the year 2003, he did the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and played the role of Dante and did an outstanding job. He did many other movies named A Dark Day’s Night, The Rogue, Blackline, Double Fault and much more. Max Ryan has done English, Polish and Irish movies as well. His father was a very popular fine arts dealer and her mother was a croupier. His family was initially in England, but they shifted after the separation of his parents. During his school days Max was a very talented athlete and footballer, he also won many awards for sports as well. He also became the captain of his school football team and he also got a chance to play on international level. After a very successful career in sports he moved to London and joined theater classes and slowly and gradually he got an offer for a television commercial and later he became a very popular actor. He is a brilliant actor and the audience appreciates his performance very well. He is a very expressive actor and he has done all his roles brilliantly. He was also a very popular Motocross racer and people like him a lot and they love to watch him but he loved acting very much. Therefore, he left that and joined the film industry and doing a great job.

Max Ryan English Actor