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English Movie Actor Rahul Thakkar
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Thakkar was born in the United Kingdom and was brought up in India. His parents are Prabha Thakkar and Chandrakant. His mother is his Inspiration as she was a teacher. His father according to his knowledge is a writer, Director, and Actor but not a Voice-over Artist. Thakar spent his childhood days in Mumbai, so he called himself as Mumbaikar. He finished his Education from the University of Mumbai.

He completed his graduation on Degree in Computer Science. To conclude his Master Studies in Computer Science, he joined at Utah State University by the year 1995. The only motivator for him towards Science is his mother. During the year 1971, while Thakkar was living in Mumbai with his father he had done some of the works for the Indian Film Division; he played in some of the Dramas and Television shows. Although he had the interest in Maths and Science later, he moved to the United States only to learn Visual Effects and to apply them in Hollywood plays.

Thakkar worked for some of the Television shows as a Virtual effects Developer in the United States. He had done work for several Advertisements like Late Show with David Letter and some Opening softwares. By 2000 Thakkar started working with Dreamwork a film production Company. At Dreamwork, he jointly worked with Richard Chuang for developing the Dreamwork Animation Media Review System. That work helps him to get the Academy Award in 2016. The ultimate goal of Dreamwork Animation Media Review System is a technology that helps artists and technician to work freely without any difficulty and tension about the technology. . Thakar worked for several plays while he was working in Dreamwork. The movies include The Legend of Bagger Vance, The Simple Wish, and some more talkies.

He also joined hands with the Animation software development team for the production of the animated movie Shrek which won the 74th Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. By 2002, he left Dreamwork and started working in PIXIA Corp between 2003 and 2013. He worked in the area of Satellite Imagery as a chief architect and Vice President. Later he worked for Madison Square Garden as a Vice President for about one year. He worked in several fields like Entertainment, media and sports field. Later by the year 2014, he became vice president of the Brivio Systems. By 2016, Thakkar received the Academy award holding twenty-five Patents under his name. It also includes pending patent.


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