Warrior rsquo s Way is a perfect marriage between action and thrill This movie is surely going to give you the action adrenaline which you were wishing for wh

The Warrior's Way Movie Review

Warrior'S Way Movie Review English Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Warrior's Way"
Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 03-12-2010
3.75 / 5.0

Warrior’s Way is a perfect marriage between action and thrill. This movie is surely going to give you the action adrenaline, which you were wishing for when you thought of watching this movie.

Yang ( Jang Dong Gun) is a warrior-cum-member in Sad Flutes clan, the most diabolic assassins of them all. Our protagonist’s aim is to become the greatest swordsman of all time, which he eventually does by killing all the enemies in the other clan. However, he spares the only member remaining in the clan, a baby girl, which proves to be almost fatal for him as he becomes an enemy of his own clan. Fleeing from his clan, he meets up with his would-be comrades. The rest of the story is about how Yang Rom, being a feared and skillful swordsman, has a soft heart too, and how he manages to protect him and his comrades from the evil that awaits them in their journey.

If hack and slash is not your genre then better back out, because this is for the slaying group. Warrior’s Way is a nice slice of action plus drama that will connect with you, unless you don’t get drowned completely in its action sequence, which are beautifully crafted as is expected from such hack and slash movies.

Also, how a warrior who is hellbent on becoming the greatest swordsman against all odds has a soft heart too, and how he can protect his comrades whenever and wherever it is desired, is a nice ninja-like story. It has antagonists like Danny Huston as the cruel colonel who is evil and wicked, and Ti Lung as the Sadest Flute, the guy on whom our hero turns his back. This movie is fun to watch as they pour their evil into the movie’s landscape. The plot is also good, but could have been much better seeing that it is an intermixed saga of becoming great and emotions coming in its way. Of course, that is my own opinion, but still this movie could have gained more grounds on awesomeness if the plotline was more sharp and twitched.

Nevertheless, the other comrades of our protagonist ably support him and are a delight to watch. Geoffrey Rush as Ron and Kate Bosworth as Lynne construct this movie along with our warrior.

Overall, Warrior’s Way is a perfect entertainer if you are feeling lethargic and down on adrenaline. With a perfect blend of guns booming with unrepenting sound and swishing of samurai swords, this action flick has a little heart hidden somewhere behind those tremendously energetic fights and brutality.