Jack Larson English Actor
  • DOB : 08-02-1928
  • Date of death: 20-09-2015
  • Star Sign : Aquarius

Jack Edward Larson was an American actor, producer, screenwriter, and librettist who was born on 8 February 1928 and died on 20 September 2015 (at 87 years old), in Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, United States. He is known for the role of a meek cub reporter at the fictional Daily Planet newspaper, Jimmy Olsen, in "Adventures of Superman" TV show which ran between 1982 and 1987. His parents, Anita and Edward Larson were Western Union Clerk and West Los Angeles Milk Truck Driver respectively. The couple, who later got divorced, only had him.

He was raised in Montebello and attended Pasadena Junior College. In college, his instructors motivated him to write plays and to play characters as well and that made him realize about his natural gift. During college days he wrote musicals like "Fantasy in Wonderland." When he was 15 years old, Edward won a part in a film called ‘Fighter Squadron’, directed by Raoul Walsh. He got it after getting spotted by a Warner Brothers' agent in a play called Balguna Del Mar. He wrote the play himself and was playing the lead in it.

In 1951, he auditioned for a TV show called Adventures of Superman to get the role of Jimmy Olsen. He didn't want to take the part as he aspired to be seen as a serious actor and story writer and wanted to pursue a career in Broadway. He thought that the role, which portrayed him as a man who always falls into trouble and is saved by a vigilante, was a threat to his dream. But his agent persuaded him to do the show and take the money ($250 per episode). He made Larson believe that no one will even watch the show and hence there is no threat to his dream of becoming a serious actor.

Alternatively, the show became an instant hit. Jack did six seasons after which he didn't get work as a serious actor. Soon after that, he dropped acting and started to concentrate on writing plays and librettos. Later in the 1960's, he took a stance on the Vietnam War, which didn't do any good to his career, and he went on to become a successful producer. Jack Larson co-produced James Bridge’s films. James Bridge was also his romantic partner for 35 years after which Bridges died. In 2003, he had a CD released, composed by Ned Rorem, called More Than A Day. Jack was part of 2006 blockbuster film “Superman Return’s” as a barman named Bo (Bibbo).