Folco Lulli was a film actor from Italy. He was born on 3rd July 1912 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. He appeared in some films between the year 1946 and 1970. He was the son of Gino Lulli who was a baritone. His mother was Ada Toccafondi. He was also the brother of actor Piero Lulli. He was a part of the war in Ethiopia advancing antifascist ideals. He later became a part of the partisans, the Badoklian blue Brigade of the 1st Alpine Group Division. It was commanded and authorized by Enrico Martini.

It operated in the Langhe which was located between Mombarcaro and Murazzano, where he played a significant role. A meeting took place in Val Casotto which was a village of Pamparato. Most of his activities were recorded in the meeting along with many soldiers, officers, NGOs and General Perotti. The meeting was held October 1943. Lulli was in Val Casotto for many months. Here he took charge of the detachment of a small hamlet on the slopes of Mount Alpet. He was later captured by the Germans. He was taken to Germany, but he managed to escape and come back to Italy after the war was over.

He was eventually discovered by Alberto Lattuada. In 1946, Folco was asked to act in the movie ‘ The Gunman’ by Albert Lattuada. He served the Italian cinema for a long time. In the year 1967, he directed and wrote People of Honor which was a story about the mafia. He has acted in a lot of movies such as The Great War and For Love and Gold in 1959 and 1953 respectively. He has also acted in movies like The Wages of Fear in 1953, The Organizer in 1963 and The Count of Monte Cristo in 1954.

Some other movies include the Sign of Rome, No Peace Under the Olive Tree, The Longest Hunt, Lightening Bolt, Romulus and the Sabines and Between God, the Devil and a Winchester. He later started suffering from breathing difficulties and diabetes. He was hospitalized for twenty days due to thrombophlebitis. He expired at the age of 57 on 23rd May 1970 in Rome, Italy because of a heart attack. He was a very well-known Italian actor who played a very active role in both Italian and French cinema. He also held degrees in philosophy and law. He was also famous for his intense voice on screen.

Farley Granger English Actor

Farley Granger

Farley Earle Granger was reputed to be the most beautiful of the American actors. He acted during the 1940’s and is famous for his portrayal of the characters of Philip Morgan in 1948 hit film ‘Rope’ and the character of Guy Haines in Strangers On A Train in the year 1951. Both of these films were directed by Alfred Hitchcock and are now listed among the Hollywood’s classics. He was born on 1 July 1925, in San Jose, in the state of California. His parents were Eva Granger and Farley Earle Granger. For the early part of his childhood, he lived at 1185 Hanchett Avenue in the neighborhood of the Hanchett Residence Park. But then, in 1929, his family was forced to sell their property and leave their luxurious lifestyle due to the crash of the Stock Market in 1929. They then settled in a small apartment in Hollywood and both his parents worked various jobs to survive. Granger’s acting career began when he was noticed by two local talent scouts in a Los Angeles theater. He later auditioned for the producer Samuel Goldwyn and signed a contract for seven years. He was then cast for his first ever film in 1943. The film was called The North Star, and he played the role of a teenage Russian boy named Damien. The movie created a lot of controversies but was critically acclaimed and was also nominated in various categories for the Academy Awards. After that, he starred in the 20th Century Fox production, The Purple Heart, where he played the supporting role of Sgt. Howard Clinton. It was well received but upon its completion, Granger enlisted himself in the United States Naval Force. He served in Honolulu for some time and during that time discovered that he was attracted to both women and men. It was during that period that he was cast by Nicholas Ray in Thieves Like Us which was later renamed as They Live By The Night. There was a story behind his casting as Bowie. In his autobiography titled Include Me Out, he recounts that while at a house party at Saul and Ethel Chap-lin’s house, he met Nicholas Ray, who just sat there, drank and stared at Granger. Upon inquisition, he was told that Ray was in the middle of the process of casting for his new film and that he was a potential candidate. John Houseman then arranged for Granger’s screen test which went quite well. He was then cast in the movie opposite Cathy O’Donnell. They Live By The Night was one of the only three good movies in which Farley Granger played the leading role, and ironically was produced by someone other than Samuel Goldwyn. The other two were Rope and Strangers on a Train both directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Incidentally, he was cast in Rope after Hitchcock saw his performance in They Live By The Night. Rope was only partially successful, and the director’s work was mostly credited for it rather than either the ac-tors’ acting or the plot line. Nevertheless, it was one of the most prized experiments of Hitch-cock’s and he was very attached to it, quite rightly so because the film has now become a classic among the modern audience. It was the claustrophobic story of two gay men, who murder friend to impress their mentor. The psychological thriller, Strangers on a Train was the only great successful film in the late actor’s film records. In this film, he played the role of Guy Haines, an aspiring politician, and a tennis player. His performance was much appreciated, and the film was a great success. But after the spell of these three movies, his acting career again started to deteriorate. He did some unnoticed films such as Behave Yourself and Small Town Girl. After that, he was roped in by Luchino Visconti for the movie adaptation of ‘Senso’, an Italian novella by Camillo Boito. It fared exceptionally well, but the rest of his career after that was spent on television shows and in the theaters due to his falling out with Goldwyn. Granger has always been honest about his personal relationships, and one can say that he was a ‘gay and proud of it’ kind of person. In his memoir, Include Me Out (2007), he called himself a bisexual and described the wild night where he lost his virginity first to a woman and then to a man in the same night. At the time where people were even less tolerant towards gay people, he openly flaunted his relationship with partner Arthur Laurents and later with Robert Calhoun. His relationships with women were also the tabloid buzz. He had dated Ava Gardner and Shelley Winters, and even got engaged to the latter. But he chose to spend a great part of his life, approx 45 years, with Robert Calhoun. Although the two never married, he said that he might have if they wanted it. He died on March 27, 2011, at the ripe old age 82.


Franco Nero

Francesco Clemente Giuseppe Sparanero, also known as Franco Nero, is an Italian actor born on 23rd November 1941, in San Prospero Parmense, Italy.His father was a commissioner officer. He studied trade and economy at a university close to his house and then went to Piccolo Teatro di Milano for higher education. Franco’s first movie “La ragazza in prestito” was released in 1964, in which he played only a small part. In Sergio Corbucci’s “Django”, released in 1966, he had his first lead role. This became one of the most popular western movies. “Texas, Adios,” and “Massacre Time”, also released in 1966, were also very popular. In 1967, his role as Lancelot in “Camelot” earned him wide fame, and it was on the sets of this movie that he met his soul mate, ‘Vanessa Redgrave’. Since Franco’s English proficiency was less, he had limited roles in the English films like “The Virgin and The Gypsy”, “Enter the Ninja”, and “Die Hard 2”. He played some well-known characters such as Abel in “The Bible: In the Beginning”, an engineer in “Street Law”, and a lieutenant in “Querelle”. Franco appeared in over 200 films, and has also written and produced Jonathan Degli Orsi, which was a big hit. In 2010, he appeared in “Letters to Juliet”, in which he was paired with Vanessa. He appeared as a guest in one of the episodes of “Law and Order SVU”. Some of his famous films include I Knew her Well, Wild Planet, The Third Eye, War of the Planets, Massacre Time, The Bible, Camelot, Django, The Day of the Owl, The Mercenary, The Fifth Day of Peace, Dropout, A Quiet Place in the Country, and The Monk. His appearance as a comedian in Django is also very popular. His relationship with Vanessa began on the sets of Camelot. After three years, in 1969, they had a son Carlo, who grew up to be a director. They separated for many years during which they involved with other persons. However, they reunited and got married in 2006. Carlo directed “The Fever” in which Vanessa had featured. The movie released in 2011, was a hit. Another Version Of This Bio: Born in San Prospero Parmense and brought up in Milan, Franco Nero is an Italian actor, who is best identified for his revolutionary enactment in the movie, “Django” (1966) where he played the titular role. Also, it was the first major role he’s ever received as an actor. His first step into the film industry was through the movie, “La ragazza in prestito”, even though his role was minor. In the year 1966, he was also featured in eight other movies, excluding “Django”. In the year 1967, he was a part of the movie, “Camelot”, where he encountered the love of his life, in reel and real life, “Vanessa Redgrave”. The very next year, he was a part of the movie, “Il giorno della civetta”. Some of the other English language movies that he got to be a part of are, “The Virgin and the Gypsy”, “Force 10 from Navarone”, “Enter the Ninja”, and “Die Hard 2”. He is a versatile actor and has proven his worth as the same by performing quite an assortment of roles in over 150 movies. He has starred in movies such as, “Conquest” (1996), “Li chiamarono…briganti!” (1999), and “Holy Crown” (2001). In the year 2009, he played the character of the unusual writer, Mario Puzo in “Murder is my trade, darling”, in which his performance was the best aspect according to the movie critics. In the year 2010, he co-starred with Vanessa Redgrave in the movie, “Letters to Juliet”. Then he was featured on the thirteenth season of the telly series, “Law and Order SUV”, in the year 2011. He also received a star on the prestigious Italian Walk of Fame in Toronto, Canada. In the year 2012, he made a walk-attendance in the film, “Django Unchained”, in conjunction with Jamie Foxx, the protagonist of the movie. His romantic association with Vanessa Redgrave gave him a son with her named, Carlo Gabriel Redgrave Sparanero, who is a screenwriter and a director. Since his step daughter’s father had deceased, Nero walked her down the aisle when she tied the knot with the actor, Liam Neeson in the year 1994.

Franco Nero English Actor