Dylan O'Brien is an American actor as well as a musician. Currently, he's playing “Stiles” in the MTV series ‘Teen Wolf’ and is also the film lead in ‘The Maze Runner’ Series. It's the third installment and is yet to be released in February 2017. Dylan O’Brien was born in the NYC and his mother Lisa Rhodes, an actress who also ran an acting school.

He planned to pursue sports broadcasting after graduating high school but found himself in LA for an acting career. He got discovered because of his original YouTube videos that he posted at the age of fourteen by a local producer and director. He had to go through several (4 to be exact) auditions for his role in MTV’s Teen Wolf where he first intended to play Scott, but he soon found himself more interested in playing Stiles, who is Scott's goofy sidekick. His debut film was an entirely improvised feature film ‘High Road’ and his first lead role in a movie was Dave in ‘The First Time’. In 2013, he bagged the role of Stuart Twombly in ‘The Internship’ where he co-starred with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn.

It was after that that he starred in ‘The Maze Runner’ series. His next project is as Caleb Holloway in ‘Deepwater Horizon’. The young star is best friends with Tyler Posey and is in a relationship with Britt Robertson, who he first met during the filming of ‘The first Time’ in 2011.

In his personal life, the actor feels that he is good with girls and understands them. As a kid, he was in love with Jennifer Aniston because of her role ‘Rachel’ in ‘Friends’. He also admits that he has no knowledge about fashion whatsoever. Irrespective of being a natural with girls, Dylan finds himself shy while first talking to them which is weird but he doesn't want to lose that about himself.

Thomas Brodie Sangster

An important character in the famed Game Of Thrones series, Thomas Brodie-Sangster plays Jojen Reed. He is of English descent, and he is an actor as well as a musician. He is popularly known for his voice as Ferb in Phineas and Ferb and the character of Newt in the popular movie The Maze Runner. Thomas was born in 1990, in London on 16th May. His parents were actors too - Mark Ernest Sangster, who was also a musician and film editor, and Anastasia. He played the guitar and bass and learned to play left-handed guitar to portray Paul McCartney in Nowhere Boy. He began his acting career with Station Jim, a BBC television film. Subsequently, he played several roles in television films before appeared in Love Actually. He then appeared in Feather Boy, Nanny McPhee and Doctor Who. In 2008, Thomas was announced to play the role of Tintin in Steven Spielberg's CGI motion film The Adventures of Tintin. However, he left the project due to delay in shooting and scheduling issues. Sangster rose to fame with his role as Casey in Some Dogs Bite, Paul McCartney in Nowhere Boy and Donald Clarke in Death of a Superhero, all of which were cult films. Thomas worked with director Jane Campion in March 2008 on her film Bright Star, which is a movie based on John Keats. In 2009, he did a film based on the early life of John Lennon. In 2011, he played the role of Liam in The Last Furiong. He appeared in The Baytown Outlaws in 2012 and also acted in Ella Jones' short film - The Ugly Duckling. Sangster played the role of Ralph Sadler in a 6-part adaptation of BBC2's Wolf Hall. In 2006, he started Brodie Films with his mother Tasha Bertram to create more opportunities for new talent in Britain. However, in May 2013, the company was dissolved. In 2010, he joined the band Winnet; he plays bass guitar while his mom sings the vocals. He has done more than 20 films and has acted in about 20 television shows. Thomas has also been nominated for the Young Artist Award in various categories for Nanny McPhee, The Maze Runner and The Last Legion.

Thomas Brodie Sangster  English Actor