Alex Shaffer English Actor
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American actor Alex Shaffer was born in New Jersey on 1993. He was a wrestler in his youth days. His debut in the film’ Win Win Click to look into! >> Read More... Win Win ’ (2011) earned him rave reviews. But when this New Jersey actor told his parent that he wanted to appear for the audition in Tom McCarthy's "Win Win," his parents were not interested at all.

It was not because the parents were against becoming an actor but because Alex had done participate in a wrestling meet the same day in his high school. Shaffer won a state championship and the next day, he faced the camera for shooting a movie opposite some of the independent film world's biggest stars. 

That is how the actor got a break in cinema. This teenager had never acted professionally and barely even performed in school plays. But then he heard that a movie production was seeking a young wrestler for an upcoming film. Alex’s friends’ had texted messages to him that he should audition for this movie. 

His friends made him believe that it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and Shaffer had said he didn't feel star-struck when he got to the set but did get excited when he saw Amy Ryan and other actors in the set. He would sleep in the set and never worried in taking any rehearsals. 

He then left school to focus on acting, and he undertook online courses to concentrate in studios. Alex had claimed that discipline is a big thing with both wrestling and acting. A performer has to be committed, whether one is reading a script or going to an acting lesson or an audition. He was born to Michael Shaffer and Gina and his parents wanted him to continue studies and never leave his studies on account of becoming an actor. 

Recently, the actor was seen in ‘’We Are Your Friends’’, which is written and directed by of the TV show Catfish. The film opened to rave reviews and audience liked him very much. Alex Shaffer had to capture the aspirations, friendship and partying in the film, and he played the role of wannabe actor nicknamed as Squirrel, the film appealed to music buffs, and he was recognized. Rogert Ebert, who directed him in his next flick Bodyguard, after success of 'Win Win, ’ had accepted that this he has played the role of a reserved and withdrawn Kyle to right perfection.

\Alex Shaffer had starred in Kimberly Levin’s independent film Runoff( 2014). He will be seen in the upcoming drama flick “ Youth In Orgeon” directed by Joel David Moore. His acting resume is not filled with a ton of projects just yet, but the chances are that his young actor is going to skyrocket to fame very soon because he has already been in couple of good movies in Hollywood.