Erika Heynatz is an Australian model, singer, and actress. She was born on 25th March, 1975, in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Since her father was a lieutenant commander in the Navy, she had to change cities quite a lot, something that she has admitted to help her cope later with the high travel that jobs in the entertainment industry demand. While living in Warragul, she attended St Paul’s Grammar.

She studied Graphic Design in college, and first began doing fashion parades in her 3rd year, which soon led to stints in television, film and radio. She, however, also wanted to be a singer, but didn’t get a chance until as late as 2006, at age 31, when she was given a spot on the music competition, ‘It Takes Two’, and went on to win it. She was signed to EMI records after that, and released her debut album, ‘Sweeter Side’, in 2010. She also returned to ‘It Takes Two’, later, this time as a host.

Erika Heynatz also starred in the 2003 movie, ‘Mermaids’, where she played a mermaid who set out with her fellow sisters to avenge her father’s death. She starred in ‘Gabriel’, an action horror film directed by Shane Abbess in 2007, and guest starred in two episodes of the science-fiction show, ‘Farscapes’.

Before appearing on ‘It Takes Two’, Erika Heynatz also hosted the first two cycles of ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’, and the lone season of ‘The Hot House’.

She has also appeared in a commercial for Olay, and in the video game, ‘L.A Noire’. Her latest stint has been in the show, ‘Home And Away’, since 2015, where she plays a biology teacher.

She married her spouse, Andrew Kingston, on March 9, 2007, and gave birth to their son, Charlie Kingston, on December 7, 2015.

Erika Heynatz has worked with a large variety of people, but maintains that Brisbane-based musician and producer, Mark Sholtez, is her favorite person to collaborate with. She believes that as an artist and model, it is important to always be able to push things further. She also said in her interviews that the high creative rush she feels while making her music, and the adrenaline that is required by jobs in films and television, make her love her job the most.