Solveig Kloppen who was born on 10th of June 1971 is a Norwegian actress, journalist, TV host, Comedian, and Presenter. She is currently 45 years of age. She was born in Trondheim which is a city in Norway. She became popular and is well –known for the movies like Spellemann in the year 2011, Kvinnen I mitt liv which was released in the year 2003, and Brille in the year 2012.

She is popular for the show named “Idol” in which she was a hostess. “Idol” was the Norwegian version of “Pop Idol.” She spent her initial days of her childhood in Vik which is a village in Iceland and in Jessheim which is a city in Norway. Her parent's name is Bjørg Hjelmstad. She is married to Kjartan Brügger Bjånesøy in the year 2005 and has two children named Albert Kloppen-Bjånesøy, and Klara Kloppen-Bjånesøy.

She has done many movies and TV shows like Idol, Norske Talenter, Que Será, Será. From 2004, she started working as a presenter in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation which is associated with “TV 2.” She has also worked for the three seasons of the show named “Idol” from the year 2004 to 2006, as a presenter. She has azlso done a role in the film named “Woman of my life” which was in the genre of mystery/drama and was released in the year 2003.

Solveig also runs a show named “One evening at Kloppen” in which she invites celebrities at a party to her home which is situated in Tasen (a place situated in the neighborhood of Oslow, Norway. Kloppen believes that it is an advantage to shoot at home. It would be much difficult to shoot this at studio rather than at home. This show had a new concept which was not used by anyone else in the past years. During the shoot of the show, her children named Klara and Alberta along with their father named “Kjartan Brügger Bjanesøy” had to move out of the house. \

Solveig, being a busy woman had forgotten some of her anniversaries. She forgets her 10th wedding anniversary with Kjartan as well. When Kjartan gave her roses and gifts, she was surprised and was unprepared. Kjartan is a good and understanding husband, she said. They both didn’t even go out for dinner since 2005. Kjartan also used to cook food in the house. In the year 2017, she got nominated for Gullruten Award in the category of Best Female Presenter.